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EVENT: WebConference - Virtualization for the Enterprise

In a Xtalks Web Conference on Tuesday, September 5, 2006, 1pm-3pm EDT, Jeff Daniels, Chief Systems Engineer, Enterprise Information Systems, Lockheed Martin, Andy Ruby, Head of Infrastructure Design, Prudential UK, and John Hinkle, CIO, Trans World Entertainment will share their experiences with migrating to virtualized systems:

Virtualization is the latest technology taking IT departments by storm, it is an approach that can be applied to many aspects of IT infrastructure and can save enterprises a lot of money.

Briefly put, virtualization can mean the following things:
1.    The technique of managing and presenting storage devices and resources functionally, regardless of their physical layout or location.
2.    In storage, virtualization is a means by which multiple physical storage devices are viewed as a single logical unit

Virtualization can be applied to software as well as physical resources such as servers and storage. In server virtualization it is possible to scale up and down resources with demand by adding unused space from existing computers to the virtual server. For storage it can enable business to utilize all available space on all hard disks by representing them as a single storage device. This enables IT managers to utilize the maximum capacity of their infrastructure, by reducing the unused capacity CIO’s can save money on extra hardware and exercise a great degree of control over resource allocation.

An added benefit of virtualization is actual physical space saved. Large organizations with multiple massive servers need rooms specially designed to rooms to house and keep the servers cool. Virtualization actually reduces the space and cooling costs.

Join our keynote speakers as they discuss the following topics:
•    Interoperability of new virtualized systems and existing infrastructure
•    Key practical issues for virtualization;
          *deciding which machines to virtualize
          *billing for virtualized machines
          *resource allocation and security for virtualized systems
•    Support systems and smooth migration to virtualized systems
•    Maximizing return on investment in Virtualization
•    The business case for virtualization

The Virtualization for the Enterprise Web Conference will take place on Tuesday, September 5, 2006, 1-3pm EDT.

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The web conference is sponsored by Tangosol:

Tangosol, Inc. delivers data clustering, data grid, and caching solutions to organizations building and running mission-critical enterprise Java and J2EE applications and application components.

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