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LeftHand Networks Extends Support to VMware Infrastructure 3

Quoting the press release:

LeftHand Networks, the leading provider of complete iSCSI storage area network (SAN) solutions built using patented network storage clustering technology, today announced support for VMware Infrastructure 3, which includes VMware ESX 3.0 Server and its native iSCSI initiator. LeftHand’s Open iSCSI SAN technology combined with VMware offers customers virtualized, highly available and completely scalable server and storage environments, reducing IT costs and simplifying overall IT management.

LeftHand will offer a web seminar, “Leveraging VMware ESX Server and iSCSI SANs to Implement Scalable and Robust IT Environments” on August 16 th at 11:00 a.m. MST. The webinar will feature a speaker from leading value-added reseller Lewan and Associates talking about several customer deployments combining VMware and LeftHand SAN/iQ, as well as the benefits of the combined solution. Click on the following link to register:

VMware’s virtualization software allows customers to divide individual servers into multiple virtual machines, giving customers greater hardware utilization and flexibility. Similarly, LeftHand’s SAN/iQ software transforms industry-standard platforms into virtual storage modules, allowing users to easily consolidate storage and manage data protection.

Benefiting from LeftHand’s storage clustering, customers can seamlessly scale the Open iSCSI SANs as they add more applications and/or virtual machines to the virtualized server infrastructure. With each storage module added, SAN/iQ automatically load balances data across the cluster, and mirrors data according to the customer’s data protection requirements.

When VMware and the LeftHand SAN are used in concert, complete server and storage environments are protected from hardware failure due to VMware’s ability to restart a virtual server on a different platform and LeftHand’s ability to stripe and mirror data across the cluster using SAN/iQ Network RAID. Because customers can run SAN/iQ on different industry-standard platforms within a cluster, users now have a highly available virtual server and storage solution that will grow together, keeping up with storage-hungry applications without the risk of reaching a maximum capacity limitation inherent in legacy scale-up data storage solutions.

“With 31 VMware virtual servers connected to an 8 TB LeftHand iSCSI SAN, we have successfully reduced our servers by 36 percent and maintained exceptionally high performance within the SAN from day one,” said Dave Brown, Manager of Network & Telecommunications Systems at NewEnergy Associates, A Siemens Company . “Since our goals were to lower the temperature in the server room, increase the battery backup time on the UPS and increase system wide reliability, it made since to virtualize both our storage and servers on LeftHand’s highly redundant iSCSI SAN platform.  The implementation of the solution was painless, and we received seamless support from VMware and LeftHand Networks.”

LeftHand has been a member of VMware’s Technology Alliance Partner Program since late 2004, allowing the technology partners to develop and support cost efficient, highly available solutions for mutual customers. Both LeftHand and VMware are members of the Technical Support Alliance Program (, an organization that facilitates seamless global collaboration between support organizations to best addresses mutual customer problems.

“VMware and LeftHand are both leaders in server and storage virtualization. We have consistent goals: to simplify and consolidate IT management for customers,” said Karl Chen, LeftHand vice president of marketing. “Virtualization and storage clustering have proven to help LeftHand’s 1500-plus customers reduce their IT costs and we’re thrilled to continue to support VMware’s latest product offering.”

LeftHand and VMware have a number of mutual customers benefiting from the partnership, including Millward Brown, Poe Financial, State of Washington Department of Social and Health Services, City of Ogden, NewEnergy Associates (division of Siemens), AlphaStaff, Denver Health, Wenger Manufacturing, Tripmate, Junior Achievement, Rose Tree Media School District, Tanner Health Systems and more.

Published Tuesday, August 22, 2006 7:47 PM by David Marshall
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