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Ask Ben Anything - Using VPC images, finding us at MacWorld, backspace/delete in Windows

In the latest round of "Ask Ben Anything", Ben Rudolph attempts to answer questions about his company's (Parallels) products or even, as you will see, questions about the company in general.

I have a licensed copy of Windows XP that came as part of my copy of VirtualPC. Is there any way to use it with Parallels Desktop?

- Michael A.

In the next update (currently in Beta and available here), we have included a new tool called Parallels Transporter that enables users to migrate VMware Workstation and Microsoft Virtual PC images (and an entire real PC) to Parallels Desktop. The whole conversion process for an image only takes a few minutes.

I'm heading to MacWorld next week and want to come by the booth. I see in the banner that you're at booth #1643. Moscone's huge...where exactly are you?

- Brandon W.

Our booth is in the south hall, right behind the main Apple booth. We'll all be in bright orange Parallels polo shirts, so we'll be hard to miss. See you there!

Been playing with the new version. Its pretty sweet. Found one small glitch. If you highlight a file for deletion and then hit the Delete key, it pops you up to the next level of the file structure and does not delete the file. If you highlight the file, then right click and select delete, the file is deleted fine.

- Jim L.

What you're running into isn't a glitch. It's actually just a difference in the way Windows and Mac view Backspace and Delete. Here's what I mean:

  • A Windows keyboard has 2 different keys – Backspace and Delete.
  • On a Mac, the Delete key works like a Windows Backspace because of its location.
  • Backspace in Windows forces the “go back” operation as described above.

In order to use a true "delete" in Windows, just press Fn+Delete.

Keep reading about the company on his blog site, and keep reading VMBlog as we continue to post coverage on this and other topics around his company.

Thanks Ben for keeping everyone informed and up-to-date on the product!

Published Sunday, January 07, 2007 7:52 PM by David Marshall
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