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ArsTechnica: VMware versus Parallels

ArsTechnica is at Macworld 2007 and had the chance to visit both of the booths for VMware and Parallels.  An interesting teaser to a discussion happening sometime today with Parallels' product manager, Ars asked whether Parallels will have graphic hardware acceleration.  A great question!  A similar question that VMBlog asked many months ago.  From my discussion with Ben Rudolph, we knew that Parallels had graphics acceleration on their roadmap, the question was when would it come out?  The teaser answer from Ars - "Next Beta".  Now, at the rate that Parallels comes out with new Betas and features, I would expect that this means very soon.  Mac users, keep your fingers crossed!  To me, this is one of the next great features for a virtualization product - whether on the Mac or the PC. 

Here is the rest of the Ars article:

Rather than asking each of the two major players in emulation for the Mac about the strengths of their respective offerings, I thought it best to be a jerk. To that end, I asked VMWare a simple question: as a Parallels users, why should I switch to VMWare Fusion? The response was straightforward and honest.

VMWare brings a long history of development and expertise in virtualization and emulation to the Mac platform.
VMWare just works. Take it out, start it up, and everything just works, like iSight, just works.
USB works out of the box, just plug something in, just about anything, and it works.

64-bit support and virtual SMP give you a wider ranger of options.
Now, having done that I walked over to the Parallels booth where a large man almost broke my bird-like bones when shaking my hand. Instead of asking him the opposite question, I just told him all the things VMWare said about Parallels.

"They have a long history of expertise in the industry, huh? Well, what good is expertise if you don't do anything with it? It just works? Parallels just works—and it's not a beta. Just works? Parallels has coherence, where's that in VMWare? And Paralells has USB support too!"

He scared me a little with the intensity at the end, and I stepped back and kind of put a little, old lady between us. She then asked how much Parallels cost.

"It's $79, which will probably be about 40 percent less than VMWare when it comes out—hey, there's a VMWare guy. Maybe I should show him this, or I could wear it as cape."

Comment on the original article, here.

Published Thursday, January 11, 2007 6:46 AM by David Marshall
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