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Have questions about Virtual Iron 3.1? So did these people.

Are you curious about Virtual Iron?  Have questions?  So did these people after a recent Webinar hosted by the company.  Find out the answers to some of the commonly asked questions during the Webinar, posted by Virtual Iron's own Chris Barclay.

Is Intel E5335 supported? if not, is there a plan to support it?
We will be supporting hardware with the Intel 5335 processor in it. Please check back to our HCL.

Are there Performance Monitoring tools available so that we can see how well the virtural servers are truly performing?
You can monitor virtual server performance through the Virtualization Manager. And you can use third party performance monitoring tools, just as you would in a physical environment.

What sort of drivers are used when virtualizing windows server
You can use either emulated drivers or our VSTools. They present standard ethernet and disk drivers.

what is the backup processfor the managment server
You can use traditional third party backup software. Virtual Iron also provides an archive capability.

can vhd's reside on iscsi and nfs mounts?
Currently VHDs can exist on local drives and SAN (fibre channel) drives. We are working on iSCSI support.

Any plans for a P2V product of your own or partnership with a current P2V, V2V vendor?
We have announced a partnership with PlateSpin.

Will live migrate (like VMware's vmotion) support dynamic reallocation of virtual servers based on predefined performance requirements ?
Yes. We have both LiveMigration (live relocation of virtual servers), and LiveCapacity (automated LiveMigration based on predefined performance requirements.

Is VI able to boot up unmodified OS's in a virtual environment?
Yes. Here is a link to the unmodified operating systems we support.

Can you create multiple sections such as "TestLab", "Dev_NJ", Test_Asia", etc.. and create admin hierarcies so that management responsibilities can be delegated?
Yes, you can create virtual data centers, which are comprised of physical and virtual resources, to accomplish this.

What about using Virtual Iron to virtualize terminal servers...Any kind of lag to expect or prepare for?
We have seen this work well.

I've been trying to install Centos Linux, but am having problems getting it to boot.
I'd encourage you to try our CentOS virtual appliancenew ... no installation necessary!

Looks like we would need both a management server and client workstation?
You need a management server (for the Virtualization Manager) and a virtualized node. There's a good picture in the Quick Start Guide.

re: net boot and/or SAN virtual drives: any VMotion-like features?
We support LiveMigration, which is just like VMotion, using network storage.

DRS-like features available?
We support LiveCapacity, which is similar to DRS.

Did you say that a Management Network was required for more than one Node?
A dedicated management is very helpful, but not required, for more than one virtualized node.

Can you automatically install the virtualServers?
We have an API that would allow you to automate virtual server installation.

Is SMP supported for guests

Which fileformats for the virtual disks are supported (MS vd, VMware vmdk)?
We support the Microsoft VHD format currently.

Thanks to Alex for this post over on the Virtual Iron Blog Site.

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