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Brother, can you spare a paradigm?

If there is one phrase that I find annoyingly overused in describing Cloud Computing, it is the cliché “paradigm shift.” I have even heard “new paradigm” combined with it to create the redundant phrase “NEW paradigm shift!!”

The most common synonyms for “paradigm” include “example, model, pattern, and archetype.” In other words, a paradigm means “business as usual.” A paradigm SHIFT then, would be a disruption in the normal, a radical change, or a new pattern.

Does Cloud Computing really represent a paradigm shift, then? As I have argued in the past, renaming one’s highly virtualized, automatically-provisioned data center would not qualify by definition. In order for something to qualify as a paradigm shift, it should REALLY need to “shake things up a bit” and make the status quo unrecognizable.

The computer age has seen a number of true paradigm shifts. The very invention of the Hollerith Tabulating Machine allowed the 1890 U.S. Census to return results months ahead of schedule, and far under budget. The same machine, unfortunately, was highly popular with the fledgling Nazi regime as a means of categorizing and classifying Jews, Gypsies, gays, freemasons, and other “undesirables” in order to efficiently process them for deportation, and transportation to Concentration, and Death Camps.

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Published Tuesday, February 16, 2010 6:46 PM by David Marshall
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