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Hyper9 IT Director/Manager "Lens" Helps Organizations Overcome Challenges of Virtualization Project Stall

Hyper9, Inc., the enterprise-class virtualization management company, today announced its IT Director/Manager Lens, the second in a series of management-specific filters developed to help organizations optimize the business value of their virtualization initiatives.  


Industry experts note that despite the widespread adoption of virtualization as a percentage of organizations, it is consistently still very low as a percentage of production servers. In fact, most organizations have virtualized less than a third of their production servers, while 15 percent have not begun to virtualize their production servers at all.


“For enterprises to virtualize more of the business-critical systems that comprise the core of IT and production application support, enterprise management solutions must be capable of providing greater transparency into the virtual infrastructure to mitigate the risks of deployment failure,” said Bernd Herzog, analyst at The Virtualization Practice. “Solutions like Hyper9 are less expensive than legacy management frameworks, easily extensible, and support critical functionality like continuous discovery that help enterprises optimize the value and performance of their virtualization initiatives.”


Hyper9’s IT Director/Manager Lens provides a single, consolidated management view into multiple points of potential “VM stall”, enabling organizations to overcome issues on the path from low-risk/low reward server virtualization to high-risk/high-reward application and service virtualization. Hyper9 attacks the key causes of VM stall with the following features:


Availability & Performance Assurance - trend uptime, availability and performance of the virtual infrastructure by business units or applications delivered; receive proactive alerts on critical points of resource contention.

·         Performance Analyzer – pinpoint memory, CPU and storage I/O contention

·         Uptime Check – understand the uptime of your VMs and hosts by cluster or other business mappings

·         Hot/Cold Map – show when and where you’re running out of resources and when you need to add more

·         Assurance Alerts – provides 40+ alerts covering availability, performance and configuration best practices


Capacity Planning & Budgeting – understand resource consumption trends across your datacenter; forecast shortages; understand if your current infrastructure can support new applications/services.

·         What-If Analysis – add/remove host resources, VMs and applications; understand the impact of how well you are maximizing efficiency for best practices and industry comparisons

·         Application Usage Profile & Modeling – profile application usage and determine if a given application will be supported or if additional capacity is required

·         Resource Containers – model the CPU, memory and shared storage resources available in your environment; understand when you will run out of resources across your datacenter, clusters, production or development environment


Resource Optimization – maximize your existing resources by balancing workloads to accommodate demand variability and identify wasted resources.

·         Datacenter Explorer - search, report and visualize information across tens of thousands of elements and relationships across your virtual environment and inside your guests

·         Instant Sprawl ID & Alerts – control storage, CPU and memory for recovery of expensive resources; identify over-/under-allocated VMs; track idle/stale VMs, zombie VMs, orphaned files and more


Cost Allocation & Business Transparency – build trust in the virtual environment by sharing Hyper9 insights; show the right information to the right people through the Hyper9 dashboard; understand virtual environment resource usage by business entity such as department, project, line of business, etc.

·         Business Labels – automatically tag VMs with business-relevant data such as organizations/business owners, applications and criticality

·         Dashboards - leverage out-of-the box management-views for reporting, performance management, utilization, costs by infrastructure and applications, and key performance indicators to share with application owners


Application Awareness – visualize dependencies between your key applications and the virtual infrastructure; understand real-time VI issues affecting your applications; understand assurance, capacity and cost allocation by application.

·         Application Dependency Mapping - visually map the relationships between VI components and the applications they support

·         Application Service Overlays - relate the virtual infrastructure to the critical application services that it delivers; visualize dependencies between key applications and the virtual infrastructure

·         Application Assurance Alerts – create dashboards, alerts and reports to track the health of each of your key applications in a virtualized environment

·         vApp Support and Hyper9 Application Service Modeling - automatically collect vApp information and their relationships to VI; model an arbitrary application service and its associated VMs; understand the relationships of application services to the virtual infrastructure


Hyper9’s enterprise-class management platform provides extreme scalability to tens of thousands of virtual elements, resulting in quick installation and immediate ROI to minimize the impact of dynamic datacenters on VM stall. 


“The virtualization of key business processes and applications requires a new way of thinking about how to manage your IT infrastructure,” said Bill Kennedy at Hyper9. “Hyper9’s IT Director/Manager Lens helps organizations capture and focus on the capacity, performance and configuration data that has the greatest impact on business services, while being able to adapt to shifting resources and relationships in real-time. It takes a uniquely architected solution to pull that off without driving up costs and inefficiencies.”


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