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CopperEgg Expands Server Monitoring into Windows Azure Environments

CopperEgg, Corp., a real-time monitoring company, today announced the support of Windows Azure server monitoring with RevealCloud Pro.

RevealCloud Pro is a SaaS-based server monitoring service that provides a detailed, common view of all of your servers, running any OS, across public and private clouds, and virtual and physical environments. It provides real-time, in-depth insight into all the components participating in application and service delivery, which is critical for monitoring changing loads as well as identifying, isolating and addressing performance issues before service quality is impacted. RevealCloud Pro now supports server monitoring for Windows, Windows Azure, Hyper-V, Linux, Mac OSX and FreeBSD operating systems.

Today users expect applications and services to perform seamlessly. If an application stops responding – even for a few seconds – customers get easily frustrated and often abandon their efforts, resulting in lost revenue and/or productivity. Server monitoring using RevealCloud Pro provides split-second monitoring of the operating and performance metrics for servers that support critical application services, no matter where they are located. This enables IT and development teams to accelerate time-to-market during the development phase, optimize deployments as they learn customer usage patterns, and identify early warning signs of service degradation.

“Our customers upload large volumes of data in batches regularly and when that occurs, we need to scale up quickly so we can process the data efficiently. Using RevealCloud Pro we now have instant insight as to when our servers are reaching capacity,” said Carl Ryden, chief technology officer of PrecisionLender. “Then using their WebHooks combined with the Azure Management API, we’ve implemented automatic scaling of our servers so we can address load spikes without any intervention on our part. For 15 minutes worth of work and a couple dollars a month, we couldn’t have asked for a better server monitoring solution.”

“RevealCloud Pro is quickly gaining traction with our customers deploying and managing services in the cloud, virtual environments and data centers,” said Scott Johnson, CEO of CopperEgg. “The addition of server monitoring for Windows Azure addresses the needs of developers building services on the Azure platform as well as hybrid environments, who are looking for a robust server monitoring solution that is quickly deployed, easy to use and provides instant insight into server health.”

CopperEgg’s Server Monitoring – Key Benefits

  • Monitor servers across environments: including clouds, virtual and physical servers.
  • Install in 10 seconds: package for automatic deployment on new instances, so you never lose an instance.
  • Get real-time updates: get instant visibility into the performance and health of your systems and detect trends as they develop.
  • Customize alerts: set thresholds for alerts and direct them to individuals or groups as applicable for instant insight into the health of a system.
  • Tailor views: see your whole infrastructure from a sortable top-level systems view; or tag and group systems as needed for optimal server monitoring.
  • Enable server monitoring from any browser: PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android or other mobile device.

Server monitoring with CopperEgg’s RevealCloud Pro is available here with a $15 instant credit on a ‘pay for consumption’ basis.

Published Wednesday, February 01, 2012 8:11 AM by David Marshall
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