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Convirture: Déjà vu – It’s Platform Proliferation All Over Again

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Contributed article by Arsalan Farooq, CEO, Convirture

Déjà vu – It’s Platform Proliferation All Over Again

Here is what we see in our crystal ball, which stems from proliferation - this time around with cloud platforms. This phenomenon is really no different than what we've seen before with proliferation of virtualization types used in data centers - and before that, operating systems.

Specifically, here are four predictions. 

1- Today's data center seems to have at least two of everything (when customers are offered a choice between A and B, they usually choose A ... and B) - and that's not going to change. We're going to see more diversity, not less. Data centers are now a virtual Tower of Babel of technologies and tools.

2- VMware's dominance is eroding and that will continue - with KVM the biggest gainer. The primary force driving this change is cloud computing based on open source technologies.

3- Cloud platform (CloudStack, Eucalyptus, and OpenStack) wars end with no dominant winner except the customer.

4- Add all this up and the next big problem becomes evident - platform proliferation is the "new norm". Achieving a converged infrastructure will require unified management. Physical servers have an operating system layer, virtual servers have a virtualization software layer and clouds add another layer. By the way, none of these is equipped to handle management of the different OS'es, hypervisor technologies or cloud platforms. We're seeing standards emerging, which will help, but that tends to be a long process. The answer requires an investment in technology to manage everything.

Reality is, 2013 is when data center managers are going to have to deal with the new norm brought on by the proliferation of different platforms. This time around, adding clouds into the mix.


About the Author

Arsalan Farooq is CEO and Founder of Convirture, which he started in 2006, with more than 15 years of systems management experience. Previously, he founded Oracle's Application Service Level Management division, growing from two engineers to a multi-national organization. Arsalan's career started as a software designer and in college, he founded a technology consultancy. He holds degrees in Theoretical Physics and Computer Science from Reed College and Caltech.  

Published Thursday, November 08, 2012 6:53 AM by David Marshall
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