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Virtualization Skills to Brush up on for Business during the Holidays

A Contributed Article by Brian Jensen, Dell.

Virtualization Skills to Brush up on for Business during the Holidays

With all the festivities and parties both away from and at the office during the holiday season, IT professionals are oftentimes granted the gift of some slow or down time at the office. This potential slow time leading up to and during the holidays is a great time for IT professionals to brush up on their core virtualization skills. Take the time this holiday season to revisit basic virtualization skills, because it is the practice and mastery of the fundamentals that true greatness is achieved.

Virtualization in its simplest form can be defined as the removal of software services from its actual hardware to a virtual (sometimes called cloud) based location. The virtual system is very similar to the original software and hardware system. Using a controlling host software application, platform virtualization produces a simulated virtual system. Application virtualization allows for the real time dynamic distribution of computing applications. By merging and allocating storage properties into a virtual, single root system, storage virtualization is accomplished.

Here are three basic and fundamental business virtualization skills to brush up on during the holidays:

Virtual Desktops and Operating Systems

Do not forget the first virtualization skill, which is that desktop virtualization deals with virtual desktops. It is critical as an IT professional that you are an operating system (OS) expert, when it comes to the virtualization of desktops. Reading the Windows 7 Resource Kit is an excellent way to learn most of what there is to know in regards to that operating system.

Learning the ins and outs of applications is the first place to start. Look into the Windows Installer and realize how files behave as they are copied during installation. Get a copy of the Application Compatibility Toolkit. It is available for free from Microsoft. Comprehend the relationship created, when Google for (WinSxS) and DLLs (Dynamic Link Libraries) work together.

Have a working knowledge of how the Windows registry operates. More than likely you will be moving a decent number of applications to the virtual system, so it is imperative that you understand how the Windows registry operates, as you install those apps. It is important to know how the registry and apps work together as you attempt to move apps to the virtual system. Understanding the Windows registry will also help you determine which apps to install on the virtual system.

Deployment Business Solutions

The second skill to brush up on is your grasp and understanding of the assortment of Windows deployment options. Every time a system user is logged in, a new occurrence of Windows is basically deployed, because of the method of building the majority of virtualization solutions around shared disks and master images. Review and gain a real understanding of Microsoft's complete suite of desktop virtualization deployment technologies and services, such as the Windows Automated Installation Kit, WinPE, Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM), and ImageX. To get more information on business solutions, click here.

Understanding Security Updates

Lastly, focus your attention and time on understanding the security updates employed by Microsoft, since they moved on from Windows XP. Three security changes implemented by Microsoft that require your expertise are: AppLocker along with domain joins, ASLR (Address Space Load Randomization), and turning on and off Bitlocker.

During the slower time this holiday season, do not ignore an opportunity to brush up on your business virtualization skills. Many times application changes, deployment preferences, and security updates are neglected by IT professionals. Use the opportunity of the holiday season to help you stay ahead of the game.


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