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BlueStripe 2013 Predictions: The Breakout Year for Hybrid Cloud

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Contributed article by Vic Nyman Co-Founder and COO of BlueStripe Software

2013 Predictions: The Breakout Year for Hybrid Cloud

It isn't difficult to predict a big year for Cloud computing in 2013. We all know that Cloud will continue to grow at a high rate.  Saying that, though, isn't really a "prediction." When I meet with IT executives, they all have different needs with Cloud, but they have a common question:

"What do I need to do right now to make Cloud implementations work for my company?" 

To answer this, we start with a look at where Cloud implementations are today, and then look at the changes that are coming.  In 2012, internal virtualization projects moved from server consolidation to true on-demand computing services, mostly as internal Private Cloud environments.  Some organizations are using self-service portals to deploy applications by simply specifying capacity and performance needs - leaving platform assignment and configuration to automation and the hosting team.

So with successful Private Cloud deployments under our belts, what's next?  The answer is actually quite simple when you follow the progression.

2013 will be known as the breakout year for Hybrid Cloud!  I'm not referring to just the concept of Hybrid Cloud.  I mean truly deployed mission critical business services delivered to end users through powerful Hybrid Cloud environments.  There are three drivers that will make this possible.

We've already touched on the first - the fact that Operations and Development teams are comfortable deploying applications into Private Cloud environments.   Proof that mission critical applications can be successfully deployed in a Cloud environment enables further exploration in the space.

The second driver of Hybrid Cloud growth is the expanded delivery of true Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service offerings from public cloud companies like Microsoft Azure and Amazon.  The PaaS and IaaS offerings are more than just computing capacity, providing identifiable secure platforms within the public environment. 

This is a huge step for deploying critical applications in Hybrid Cloud. It allows the Ops team to scale front-end user systems on-demand (in the Cloud) while maintaining complete control of the sensitive critical back-end systems (in the Data Center).  Without this duality, enterprises would not be able to deploy mission critical apps in an off-premise Cloud environment at all.

Simply having platform-as-a-service, though, isn't enough for widespread adoption. The resulting system must be completely manageable by the IT Ops team.  Resource utilization reports aren't enough.  The Ops team MUST know how user transactions flow in the data center and in the Cloud - AND they need to be able to stitch both into a single end-to-end transaction. 

Here's a screen shot from BlueStripe's FactFinder product that highlights the duality of Hybrid Cloud and what's required to track a transaction across the Hybrid Cloud application infrastructure.  The transaction mapped in the screen shot is from a real service running in a Hybrid Microsoft Azure environment.  The grey box in the center is a firewall.  To the left is a Web Server (IIS) running inside Azure.  To the right of the firewall is a WebSphere App Server and Database from the on premise data center.  As use increases, the Azure-based Web Site can increase capacity on demand, while the critical business logic remains safely entrenched in the data center.



For executives (and anyone else looking to migrate from on-premise virtualization and Private Cloud to true Hybrid Cloud), visibility into the entire application is a key requirement for making the move. Back to our executive question:  to make Hybrid Cloud work in 2013, executives need to ensure that they have full visibility into the entire application footprint - across their on premise systems and through the different flavors of Cloud.

Hybrid Cloud offers tremendous flexibility for application deployment and scaling, and we expect to see significant growth in deployments going forward. So raise your glass (so to speak) on New Year's Eve (assuming the Mayans were wrong) and say "Cheers" to the Year of Hybrid Cloud.


About the Author

Vic Nyman is Co-Founder and COO of BlueStripe Software, a leader in application and transaction monitoring solutions. With 25 years of systems management experience, Vic Nyman is a successful veteran of multiple ventures in the systems and application management field. Prior to founding BlueStripe Software, Nyman served as Chairman and CEO of Relicore in the ITSM Discovery and Configuration management market. Nyman led Relicore to a successful merger with Symantec in 2006. Prior to Relicore, Nyman was with Wily Technology, and served in several executive positions with IBM in the Tivoli and Networking Software organizations. 

Published Tuesday, December 18, 2012 7:30 AM by David Marshall
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