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The Best way to Connect with Cloud Computing for Small Business
A Contributed Article by Deney Dentel is the CEO at Nordisk Systems, Inc.

Work load for entrepreneurs operating small businesses is becoming less thanks to cloud computing. Managers of these businesses no longer need to put up new suites of software for every new employee. Do not under estimate the need of cloud computing services for your small business. Below are some of the best ways to connect with cloud computing for small business.

Cloud computing cuts your costs

Taking cloud computing as an option helps your firm save money in many ways. The main aim of private businesses is to make profit and grow tremendously. When using cloud computing , there are low costs of operation hence increased profit margins. This is because you no longer have to spend on storage locations and maintenance of hardware and even servers.

Besides saving on open storage solution of physical infrastructure you also do not need to hire technical staff to install and operate any software. The company providing cloud computing services caters for all that.In addition you save on licensing costs incurred when getting software for new em[employees.

You can pick a solution that fits you

You are able to select a cloud computing environment that fits your organization. For instance you could consider a public, private or hybrid cloud solutions based on your organizational needs.Besides, choosing to contract a cloud computing company will help set your business apart from your competitors. You will select a plan that match your ability to pay and fits your business requirements effectively. Cloud computing experts will give advise on the best Information Technology processes that will transform your business and a good model that blends with your organization structure. For instance you will get security compliant and risk management or disaster solutions.

You can find the people you need

With cloud computing you get to share a lot with people from the outside. From these networks you will be able to know whom your partners are engaged with hence discover the right people for your business.this networking is made possible due the new infrastructure, applications, access and traffic.  

You can collaborate

Cloud computing encourages collaborations for you as an entrepreneur and also for your employees. Collaboration is key to the success of any business. As an entrepreneur you get to collaborate with partners while your staff connects easily amongst themselves . collaboration is possible because all documents and applications are simultaneously shared to everyone in the organization. Everyone is notified whenever any adjustments are made.

Security for your business

Since almost everything is shared in cloud computing and changes updated regularly, rarely will a security breach go unnoticed. Cloud computing allows the centralization of data making you have control on who gets access to your organizationメs information.


It is obvious that cloud computing can benefit your small business in many ways. Opt for it today and get the best solution for your firm, reduced operation costs, networking , collaboration and even security.

About the Author

Deney Dentel is the CEO at Nordisk Systems, Inc., a managed and cloud computing service provider company in Portland, OR. Deney is the only localised and authorised IBM ProcTIER business partner in Pacific Northwest. You can also follow him on LinkedIn.
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