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IOmark Announces New Hyper-Converged Category And New Benchmark Results For HP ConvergedSystem 242-HC StoreVirtual

IOmark and Evaluator Group are announcing a new category of IOmark results, specifically for Hyper-Converged systems. The IOmark-VM-HC and IOmark-VDI-HC certification categories provide certified price / performance results as a tool for IT users when comparing systems.

New benchmark results are available for the HP ConvergedSystem 242-HC StoreVirtual, a hyper-converged scale-out appliance which includes an HP StoreVirtual VSA. The HP CS 242-HC StoreVirtual was tested using both the IOmark-VM benchmark for virtual machine workloads and the IOmark-VDI benchmark for virtual desktop workloads.

The audited IOmark-VM-HC results show the HP CS 242-HC StoreVirtual was able to support 144 simultaneous virtual applications at an average cost of $977.08 per application when run in the CS 242-HC single appliance/4-node performance configuration. Cost information utilized list pricing to determine cost per instance.

The audited IOmark-VDI-HC results show the HP CS 242-HC StoreVirtual was able to support 640 simultaneous virtual desktop instances at an average cost of $219.84 per desktop when run in the same 4-node configuration. Cost information utilized list pricing to determine cost per instance.

An important differentiation between the new IOmark-VM-HC and IOmark-VDI-HC categories is that these new hyper-converged categories provide pricing for the entire system, including server compute, memory and storage. As a result, the price / performance results for these categories may not be compared to IOmark-VM and IOmark-VDI results, although performance results are comparable.

Both the IOmark-VM-HC and IOmark-VDI-HC test real world application workloads by recreating multiple instances of a standard set of virtual applications, driving actual I/O streams rather than simulations or synthetic workloads. The results are audited to ensure uniform testing and reporting of results. This enables IT users to compare products using metrics that matter: price, capacity and application performance.

“The new HP ConvergedSystem 242-HC StoreVirtual performance model performed very well on these demanding tests. In particular, the embedded StoreVirtual technology provides measurable benefits with the results of the scale-out storage clearly showing the performance capabilities, “ said Russ Fellows, Senior Partner of Evaluator Group. “In addition, the advanced features and scale-out capabilities of StoreVirtual deliver real differentiation for the full line of HP ConvergedSystem 200-HC StoreVirtual appliances.”

HP StoreVirtual VSA is a hybrid, scale-out virtual storage appliance with iSCSI protocol connectivity. Functionality used in the benchmark included automated sub-LUN tiering called Adaptive Optimization with support for SSDs and HDDs and thin provisioning software.

IOmark-VM: The application mix for Virtual Machine benchmark includes databases, web servers and Exchange mail servers plus for each 21 workloads it includes 1 instance of clone, deploy, boot, software upgrade, VM deletion and Storage migration (aka Storage vMotion) between storage volumes. Per the benchmark specifications, the CS 242-HC StoreVirtual supported 144 applications with a mean response time of 17.69 milli-seconds.

IOmark-VDI: The application mix for the Virtual Desktop benchmark includes a mixture of typical desktop applications including Microsoft Office along with web browser and media replay. No additional hypervisor acceleration technologies were used, such as VSA or other caching technologies. These results are for fully provisioned desktops, requiring more resources than results reported using Linked Clones. Per the benchmark specifications, the 242-HC supported 640 standard desktops with a mean response time of 16.71 milli-seconds.

HP results are available at the IOmark Results website.

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