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Robin Systems Introduces App-to-Spindle Performance Guarantee for Docker Applications

Robin Systems, a Silicon Valley container-based virtualization platform software company, announced a range of new capabilities designed to enable customers to deploy containerized applications in production with guaranteed performance and enterprise-grade data management. Using the Robin Containerization Platform -- a pure-container compute and storage software platform that runs on commodity hardware -- it is now possible to containerize even the most mission-critical applications with bare-metal performance, guaranteed minimum and maximum input/output operations per second (IOPS) controls, and dramatically simplified application lifecycle management with functionality such as 1-click cluster deployment, snapshot, clone, and time travel.

Robin is heralding a new era in data center evolution with industry's first Application-Defined Data Center software. Robin Containerization Platform consists of a containerized agile compute layer that runs applications within Docker or LXC containers, industry's first scale-out storage sub-system purpose built for containers, and application-aware fabric controller that simplifies application lifecycle management by making infrastructure boundaries invisible to applications. Robin is the first company to bring the containerization benefits to mission-critical enterprise applications, such as databases and Big Data clusters, to enable high-performance workload consolidation with the agility and flexibility previously available only to micro applications.

"We believe the growing community of developers making use of Docker containers will find great advantage by combining it with Robin's technology," said Premal Buch, CEO of Robin Systems. "Robin Containerization Platform simplifies developers' lives by easing full-stack application deployment and lifecycle management. At the same time it addresses IT ops concerns around performance, data protection, and security. We are thrilled to be part of the containerization revolution sweeping the enterprise data center and proud to move the needle forward."

Some of the advantages Robin offers developers include the ability to easily deploy and manage multi-container, full application stacks; to accelerate application & database clusters deployment, from days to minutes; to snapshot/clone an entire application stack in a single click; to deliver predictable CPU, IOPS and network performance; and to simplify root cause analysis with app to spindle views.

IT operations professionals will benefit from the ability Robin gives them to run containerized applications in production with VM-like manageability; to consolidate applications on bare metal to avoid hypervisor performance overhead; to optimize data capacity and performance of application-driven storage; and reduce VM sprawl and software licensing costs while deploying multiple applications per machine.

Published Thursday, June 23, 2016 6:10 PM by David Marshall
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