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VMblog's Expert Interviews: HyperGrid Introduces HyperCloud - Consume IT, Don't Build IT

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Just this week, HyperGrid announced a new hybrid cloud service called HyperCloud.  To find out more, I spoke with Manoj Nair, the company's chief product officer.

VMblog:  Give us a little background.  What is HyperGrid?

Manoj Nair:  HyperGrid is focused on helping CIOs and enterprises move from building IT to consuming IT. We believe every company is becoming a technology company. Our goal is to help companies accelerate this transformation with faster delivery of business transformation and innovative applications that drive growth. We provide an AWS-like environment as a fully managed stack on-premises or hosted, along with application and platform services across any cloud or infrastructure. We provide security, control and governance for IT, with agility and flexibility for developers.

VMblog:  It's been a big year for you, the company has emerged after bringing together Gridstore and DCHQ.  How have things been going since the transition in July?

Nair:  It's been great - in July we launched HyperConverged Infrastructure as a service (HCIaaS) as an evolution of HCI; We started with simplifying how infrastructure was consumed, by combining simplicity of HCI with consumption economics (pay-as-you-go pricing) and support for on-the-fly containerization and native support for containers. Now we are taking the next step, supporting our customers to drive faster innovation and help them manage and transform applications with IT delivered as a complete utility.  

We've been looking at the big transformation underway in IT to support business growth with better use of technology and coming up with an innovative solution for our customers.     

We've been growing the company, the partner and customer base and working on HyperCloud as the new platform for all our offerings from HyperGrid and we're exciting to be launching it.

VMblog:  Tell us about HyperCloud.  What is it and what solution does it bring to your customers?

Nair:  HyperCloud is a hybrid cloud service with application, platform and infrastructure services to accelerate transformation and delivery of business applications that drive innovation and competitive advantage. HyperCloud provides a full scale-out application platform to your datacenter as a service, delivering true cloud agility and economics inside your own datacenter.   For customers it means that they have a holistic approach to their IT; not piece part. They can consume IT, not build IT, only paying for what they use, and focus on building innovative applications while maintaining governance and control.

VMblog:  Can you share a few customer scenarios where HyperCloud will solve pain points and really shine?

Nair:  Some of the customers who have shown strong interest in our offering are those who have an existing investment in applications and are looking to accelerate their application transformation. These are customers who have a strong interest in the pay-as-you-go model but are in regulated industries or because of data governance need on premises deployments or more controlled deployment environments, and customers who have been on the journey to IT as a service, but spending too much time and energy in the piece-parts approach to IT.  We help customers looking to leverage the flexibility and choice that containerized applications offer but need help in making that journey a reality; customers looking to transform their IT delivery platform and tools as they refresh from existing legacy environments.

VMblog:  Would you discuss your take on the current cloud market and also discuss how you feel HyperCloud will play in this space?

Nair:  For many businesses, creating innovative business solutions quickly leads their developers to creating applications in public clouds like AWS. But placing data in a public cloud creates serious security, compliance and cost control issues for many. As cloud data continues to grow, businesses risk becoming locked into cloud service providers. IT leaders are in the challenging position of discouraging potentially risky moves to the public cloud while still being unable to provide agility in their own data centers. The move to the private cloud has been challenging; most private cloud initiatives have failed because of a combination of a piece-part approach, lack of application services focus and lack of a true utility consumption model. The result is countless hours acquiring, building, and integrating complex infrastructure that ultimately fails to deliver the agile cloud and economics that IT needs.

HyperCloud offers the flexibility of a public cloud and the security and control of on premises. Running applications on HyperCloud allows IT organizations to speed up the delivery of services, increase IT efficiency, operate more securely, and save substantial costs, all while benefitting from the scale and performance of HyperCloud.

HyperCloud helps enterprises accelerate from building IT to consuming IT, while maintaining controls and reducing costs. It provides a full scale-out application platform to your datacenter as a service, delivering true cloud agility and economics inside your own datacenter. It fundamentally changes how our customers consume IT with its no CapEx (pay-as-you-go) model. We manage and automate day-to-day tasks for organizations of all sizes. There is no equipment to buy, no software to install. Customers get all of the benefits of public cloud while maintaining security and control.

VMblog:  How is HyperCloud being delivered?  And when will it be generally available?

Nair:  We have a SaaS offering, available now on that is available as a free option for developers, businesses and IT departments to start trying out the capabilities of HyperCloud. If customers like what they see and want to continue to use the SaaS offering, they can sign up for the enterprise version of the service and support, and we will host their applications, containers and VMs at one of our hosted MSP partners. If they want the applications deployed on premises, we will ship them HyperCloud software pre-installed on industry leading infrastructure servers and switches that they can plug into their data center and get up and running in minutes.Our SaaS offering is live today and the on-premises deployments will start happening in the first week of December when that becomes generally available.


Once again, a special thank you to Manoj Nair, chief product officer at HyperGrid, for taking time out to speak with

Published Wednesday, November 16, 2016 7:03 AM by David Marshall
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