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NooBaa Unveils Multi-Cloud Data Management Platform

NooBaa announced today its new multi-cloud data management platform, providing a simple, fast path to hybrid and multi-cloud deployments. The new release accelerates digital transformation with automated management for legacy and cloud-native applications. Any change can take three clicks to perform via this easy-to-use multi-cloud data management platform, which is now available on Azure, AWS, Alibaba, and the Google marketplace. 

"Data management on a large scale is a real challenge. By virtualizing storage regardless of location, NooBaa allows IT organizations to focus on their data to provide it quickly and securely to the consumer, in the right place and at the right time," said Mike Thompson, CEO, NooBaa. "The new platform combines storage efficiency and elasticity, and allows customers to create their own fully customizable workflows internally to anonymize data, analyze it, classify it, and more."

Key features of the new platform:

  • New way to span data in hybrid and multi-cloud environments - Using NooBaa, users can instantly connect to their existing data repositories such as on AWS, Azure, or any other object storage and create a single unified view of all the data via a unified AWS S3/Azure Blob API. 
  • Simple migration from AWS S3 API to Azure Blob; Azure Blob API to AWS S3 - Moving from AWS S3 to Azure or in reverse can be done with no application changes by changing the access key and secret key and use NooBaa as a virtual layer. 
  • Deduplication, compression, encryption and data redundancy  - Users can set up the needed data protection scheme per their applications needs and budget, choose from multiple copies, erasure coding or site replication for lowest TCO.
  • Auto-tiering and Active Archiving - With NooBaa, users can take advantage of the lifecycle feature, which is AWS S3 lifecycle compatible. NooBaa provides active archiving, so users see the data even though it is in the cloud, facilitating the use of cheaper storage. As the application has no awareness of the data location, no application changes are needed.
  • Serverless - AWS Lambda compatible functions - Following an early preview of the NooBaa technology, NooBaa has been classified as an emerging architecture, a microconverged integrated system. NooBaa introduces a standalone microservices platform that can run anywhere as a Lambda-compatible serverless service. 
  • Zero-time install - With the new release, users can set up an S3 server just by spinning up the NooBaa core, test the application and add datacenter and/or cloud resources without any migration needed.
Published Tuesday, February 13, 2018 8:06 AM by David Marshall
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