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Big and Fast Businesses Should Consider Virtual Private-Server Hosting


While virtualization first started out as an expensive technology only available to very big corporations, nowadays it readily available to almost all businesses. The goal of many businesses is to cut cost and maximize profit. Virtualization in business is not a trend that will soon go away, it is technology that will continue to advance, and you might want to consider joining this fast-moving wagon. Why? The following will tell you.

Cost saver on IT hardware

Virtualization allows you to convert several physical machines into virtual machines that can be hosted on one or a few physical machines. This ultimately means there will no need to purchase so many hardware infrastructures for your business, allowing you to move those funds into other aspects of your business, which is far more cost effective.

This also means that you save costs on maintenance, as well as space needed to house all the IT hardware resources you would probably require without virtualization. It also means that you save on the amount of staff you would have had to contract to operate them.

You also don't need to constantly worry about updating your hardware resources, considering that IT is constantly evolving and IT requirements are constantly changing as well.

Summarily, you save on hardware equipment cost, maintenance cost, continued costs, space, and the cost of staff to handle so many systems.

Virtualization offers  less strenuous and cheaper maintenance

With virtualization, you have a lower amount of servers, meaning you have less to deal with in terms of  maintenance and monitoring. Less is predominantly more. Fewer servers mean more dedication and the ability to keep a closer eye. Fewer servers also mean more money is saved on  total maintenance costs. And, if you need to do a hardware system upgrade, it'll be cheaper.

Tighter security and reliability

When setting up the infrastructure for a business, security is paramount. Fewer systems mean more dedication towards the monitoring and management of security issues. When there are many physical servers to monitor, analysts may miss one or two important details, which may cost a lot in the long term. With software-based security measures, it gets easier to monitor, ascertain, and solve security issues. In terms of security, the earlier the discovery of a threat, the easier it is to  solve.

Save on power costs

The more IT infrastructure a business has, the more power it will require to run them. Servers, for instance, often have to run on a constant power supply. You can do a mental list of all the desktops, storage units, and servers your business probably requires and, if possible, do a quick calculation for how much power they'll consume every day. When virtualization downsizes  how much of that infrastructure you need, you'll be saving a lot on operational costs.

Servers and some other IT hardware resources also need to be kept constantly in a cool place  for their best functionality. This is a further cost in a non virtualized environment which will be greatly reduced  in a virtualized environment.

What about VPS hosting?

Virtual Private Server, or VPS hosting, is a privatized option in the virtualization of your business. It is one of the many types of web hosting options you can choose from when you are using online web hosting. Online web hosting requires your web files to be on a server. Setting up and managing a server is usually expensive and a lot of work, which is why web hosting is a grand option for most people as it removes the stress and cost of running their own server.  In VPS hosting, a virtual server is used which is dedicated to a particular user. Websites like and a host of others who provide excellent VPS services, have isolated servers on a single server that share resources, like management and hardware. Each isolated server, however, acts in a standalone manner, with its own memory, IP addresses, users and everything else a dedicated server should have.

If your business requires your server setup to be done in a particular way, or your website has really high traffic, then you should strongly consider VPS hosting.

Why VPS is beneficial

Absence of hardware management

Any hardware maintenance is done by the service provider. You only have to maintain your website and control things at your end. The service provider, on the other side, takes care of monitoring and managing the hardware resources that your virtual private server uses. You not only save cost, you have time to manage other aspects of your business.

Complete privacy and tailored requirements

VPS means you do not have to share anything with any other website and the possibility of your files being accessed by another website is removed.

Having your own operating system means having specific and customized applications if you need/want to, and you can make changes whenever you want.

Easy to manage

Using an isolated server means you have control. If you run an application or a program that requires a reboot, you don't have to worry about other users, you can do your reboot whenever you like. You can rebuild and restore from the power panel if needed.

You also have resources that are just for your website. You don't have to worry about sharing storage or configuration files.

Dedicated server option at a smaller cost

VPS offers you the qualities of a dedicated server at a reduced cost. Yes, it is cheaper to use VPS than a dedicated server.

Backup and reliability

Lots of web hosting companies offer backup services for your files in case there is a need for them. You want to make sure that if there is a mishap all your data can still be accessible. This is something you should check out before deciding yourself to working with just any web hosting platform.


When considering strategic SEO services, marketing tools and of course, the right web host for your business, VPS is a great option among the huge pool of options for website hosting. It is basically the same as doing everything with your website physically, only it has more benefits and is cost effective. It is advisable to talk to the right people first and consider all the options and opportunities that are available to you. Cut costs, maximize efficiency, and increase profits.

Published Wednesday, March 28, 2018 7:28 AM by David Marshall
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