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Veritone Announces Breakthrough Real-Time Artificial Intelligence Capabilities

Veritone Inc., a leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive solutions, today announced the upcoming launch of a market-first update to its AI operating system, aiWARE, which will enable the platform to support real-time AI processing. The aiWARE real-time framework is scheduled to launch in April 2018 with natural language processing (NLP) engines, and Veritone plans to expand its offering of real-time enabled engines across the rest of the company's 15-plus cognitive categories, including transcription, sentiment, visual moderation, translation, as well as object, face, and optical character recognition, during 2018.

The groundbreaking aiWARE real-time framework will enable companies and organizations to leverage data in seconds, optimizing their workflows and compliance. In 2021, AI augmented services and applications will generate $2.9 trillion in business value and recover 6.2 billion hours of worker productivity, according to Gartner, Inc.

"As more customers deploy and expand their use of artificial intelligence, we are increasingly seeing use cases where the speed of cognition is equally as important as accuracy and cost," said Hong Bui, senior vice president and chief product officer at Veritone. "As a result of this upgrade, we're now able to deliver transcription results within seconds, with best-in-class accuracy and pricing, and we believe that sub-second results will be possible in some other cognitive classes. The applications of aiWARE are limited only by our customers' imaginations, as we continue to expand the real-time cognitive capabilities of aiWARE."

"With this update to aiWARE, Veritone continues to show companies that AI is an accessible and powerful business tool," said Ryan Steelberg, president of Veritone. "In the media and entertainment space, we believe that this new capability will help meet the needs of broadcasters who must adhere to FCC mandates for pre-recorded, live, and near-live programming, as well as enable faster and more cost-effective captioning."

Veritone's open and extensible platform already offers the flexibility to be deployed in both cloud and hybrid on-premise and cloud environments and to utilize a variety of intelligently orchestrated cognitive engines and applications: native, private, and public. This update to aiWARE will enable the platform to cognitively process data to produce accurate results with near-zero latency, addressing real-world requirements for speed and efficiency across a wide range of industries, including compliance, public safety, and surveillance.

"Real-time AI will be transformational in how we manage safety and even prevent crimes, said Mike James, executive director at the Integrated Law and Justice Agency of Orange County (ILJAOC). "If AI can help us make a decision in a matter of seconds, we will have a powerful tool to help prevent worst-case-scenarios. For example, surveillance cameras near a school could capture faces and license plates of persons approaching the school, and recognition engines could match them in real-time against a database of potential offenders deemed at risk to be school shooters. In the event of a match, the system could flag the instance and trigger the school to initiate a physical lock of external doors within seconds, while simultaneously alerting on-site security and police of the threat."

Published Thursday, April 05, 2018 9:12 AM by David Marshall
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