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Velostrata Partners with Google Cloud to Accelerate Enterprise Cloud Migration
Velostrata, a leader in accelerated enterprise cloud migration and mobility, announced its partnership with Google Cloud today in response to increasing enterprise demand in mass migrating on-premises workloads into Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The GCP-Velostrata-integrated solution takes a holistic approach to TCO reduction by not only being offered free of charge, but also dramatically accelerating the speed of cloud migrations, often by more than five times than that of conventional approaches. It does this while simultaneously maximizing application up-time. This speed-to-cloud translates into reduced customer spend on both CAPEX and OPEX associated with dual infrastructure costs when customers are forced to run parallel workloads on-premises and in the cloud until full data replication and cut-over are complete and application performance in the cloud verified.

Velostrata achieves this speed and performance at scale by relying on an agentless real-time streaming technology that is highly differentiated from conventional replication-based approaches. The agentless aspect of the architecture eliminates up to 5 hours of IT labor per server during migrations and obviates the need to open up firewall ports, while the streaming technology decouples compute from storage and automatically transforms workloads to run in their GCP instance. These two facets of the architecture combined with advanced WAN optimization enables workloads to run in the Google Cloud within minutes. Meanwhile, remaining data transfers transparently in the background without compromising performance or data consistency. Finally, customers are de-risked with the option of knowing they can perform an instant rollback of workloads to on-premises, further reassuring them of a robust, enterprise-grade experience.

"The cloud provides customers with the advantages of elasticity, instance-level granularity and pay-as-you-go model. However, migrating workloads without controlling virtualization host density and over-provisioning, often results in a significant toll on total cloud costs", said Issy Ben-Shaul, CEO and co-founder of Velostrata. "We cater to the intersection of these needs by offering customers a new ‘right-sizing' feature that monitors their actual (vs. over-provisioned) utilization per workload on-premises and migrates these instances to appropriately sized and often lower-cost instances in the cloud. Together with Google Cloud's unique Custom Machine Types capability, customers are able provision just the right amount of resources, thereby avoiding wasted spend. Furthermore, our ‘test-clone' feature enables customers to pre-validate and effectively "test drive" cloud application performance and functionality in minutes prior to migrating and without disrupting production-workloads on-premises."

This purpose-built, enterprise-grade architecture allows Velostrata to uniquely address a wide variety of customer use cases, from those who want to go "all-in" to the cloud through a fast decommission of their entire data-center, to those who simply want better utilization out of their hybrid cloud infrastructure.

"We welcome Velostrata's ability to help even more enterprise customers increase their adoption of Google Cloud's highly available, secure, and cost effective cloud infrastructure," said Paul Nash, Group Product Manager for Google Compute Engine. By integrating the solution directly into their GCP management console utilizing Velostrata's VMware vCenter plug-in, the solution also eliminates IT learning curves by presenting VMware customers with familiar interfaces.

For customers with remote or distributed sites, bandwidth-throttling capabilities combined with intelligent WAN optimizations helps keep traffic at remote sites manageable. At any point in the migration process, enterprises also have the option to rollback to on-premises without any data loss if needed, providing a "safety net". Together, these capabilities serve to keep learning curves low, de-risk the project, and scale migration processes through mass automation. All the while ensuring high application uptime and stringent SLAs, addressing both technical and organizational barriers to cloud migration.

As IT teams globally tackle datacenter modernization and digital transformation projects, migrating to the public cloud has become an integral part of those initiatives. This timely focus on eliminating barriers to cloud migration will have broad applicability across use cases from hybrid cloud to multi-cloud and cross-cloud optimization of providers' capabilities, reinforcing a win for customer choice.

For more information on Velostrata's GCP capabilities, and building a successful cloud migration and mobility plan, visit

Published Monday, April 09, 2018 8:26 AM by David Marshall
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