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Cloud 66 Presents The Complete Container Delivery Pipeline to Assist DevOps Teams

Cloud 66 announced the general availability of key features-Formations and Stencils-and open-source project Copper, into Cloud 66 Skycap, its container delivery pipeline.

Kubernetes brings not only developers but also operations closer together, all which requires fresh thinking about configuration-focused tools. Cloud 66 Skycap now offers a container delivery pipeline to facilitate efficient maintenance of container delivery that is curated by operations according to infrastructure policies and used by developers without affecting release pace.

Ops-friendly configuration and security, built for developers

Skycap's Formations are deployment targets for any Microservices application, granting the user to deploy the same stack to different Kubernetes clusters and namespaces, from one place. Operations and compliance teams can curate a set of Formations, which allow deployments to any pre-approved environment or providers, in line with user access permissions.

Skycap's Stencils are templates of Kubernetes configuration files. A Stencil can be seen as the building block where operational, security and compliance guidelines control the level of access that developers have to configuration, secrets, etc. This is all doable without impacting release pace.

Formations and Stencils are a highly efficient and scalable on-ramp from the pipeline, curated by Ops but friendly to Devs. They are a great complement to tools such as Helm charts, when dealing with more complex internal services, that may have more frequent release cycles and more stringent security and access control requirements.

Open source tool to validate configuration files

Copper joins Habitus, Starter, Skycap and Maestro as the latest member of the Cloud 66 product and project family. Copper is the open source core of Skycap's Formations feature and is a configuration validator for Kubernetes.

Kubernetes configuration files allow users to modify application composition as well as infrastructure configuration through a single API. These changes should move in lockstep to the code, but at the same time should be safe to use on a Kubernetes cluster that is shared with other developers, applications and teams. Copper acts like Ops-defined unit tests for Kubernetes configuration files, checking them for validity and compliance after each change.

"With the advance of micro-services, containers and the surge of APIs, developers and operations teams appreciate a self-service toolchain that operations curate, and developers can run with in production. Cloud 66 is committed to tools that provide a balance between operational governance and development freedom, in the cloud or for on-premises deployments," said Khash Sajadi, founder and CEO, Cloud 66.

Cloud 66 moved its own stack, serving more than 3,500 customer workloads, to Google Kubernetes Engine in 2017 after running on another provider. With numerous deployments in production by thousands of customers in more than 120 countries, Cloud 66 has first-hand operational experience with building and running applications aimed at Kubernetes and containerized infrastructure.

Published Thursday, May 03, 2018 8:38 AM by David Marshall
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