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Amazon's Web Services Help SMC Promote Cloud Computing Certification

It's become clear that the future will be driven almost entirely by data, as our reliance on modern technology grows. Huge stores of data are building up, which means we need a place that is reliable and responsive to store it all.

Queue cloud computing. It is lucrative for many because it offers vast data capacities and streamlined performance. Not just that, but a business or organization can also take advantage of everything modern computing has to offer without the drawbacks of hosting and maintaining an in-house data center.

Many consider cloud computing and remote technologies to be the biggest growth sector today, with a projected market value of $411 billion by 2020. Seeing those numbers, there's no question cloud computing has a lot of potential, especially when it comes to career opportunities.

Santa Monica College (SMC) in California has developed a new cloud computing certificate. This credential incorporates Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the AWS Educate program, two of the best initiatives for cloud-related learning.

Why the Amazonian Opportunities Are Such a Big Deal

AWS leads the cloud computing industry. It has some of the largest servers in the world, driving formidable cloud-based services like Amazon S3, SageMaker, Athena and CloudSearch alongside an ever-growing list of options. Amazon's platform is used by some of the most renowned companies in existence, including Netflix, McDonald's, General Electric and Sony.

That kind of success breeds a lot of opportunity. In fact, cloud computing and AWS certifications offer some of the highest salaries in the IT industry.

Therefore, Santa Monica is doing right by its students by creating a program that will put them on a fast-track to success.

According to the college, in just 15 units, students can earn enough knowledge and skills to pursue a career in the cloud computing industry. The program - made possible thanks to Amazon's global AWS educate initiative - will introduce participating students to AWS technologies, early programming, database management, network security and similar IT essentials.

For the uninitiated, most of this does sound incredibly promising, but it does little to quell confusion regarding cloud computing.

How Does SMC's Cloud Computing Certification Program Stack Up Against the Competition?

Comparing SMC's cloud computing and AWS certification to similar credentials, we can make more sense of its value.

The five best cloud industry certifications right now, include:

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect
  • Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions Engineer
  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator
  • Google Cloud Architect
  • Cloud Security Knowledge Certification

You'll notice right away that two of the top five are related to Amazon's Web Services platform. That highlights how important and influential experience with the technology can be for one's career.

The top solution, AWS Certified Solutions Architect, is one of the best credentials in the entire industry. It follows the architecture and deployment of cloud computing applications, deployed via the AWS platform. It is essentially the bread and butter, if you will, of the cloud sector.

You cannot hope to do anything critical-for any employer-without first understanding how to develop and deploy applications, and leverage the AWS service. The AWS Certified SysOps Admin program, and both the Google Cloud Architect and Cloud Security Knowledge programs are more of the same.

In any of the above programs, students will learn the basics of the cloud, starting with hardware failure and maintenance support, to more crucial aspects like application deployment.

The Certified Solutions Architect program has three career paths including architecture, development, and operations. Each of these paths are divided into two levels: Associate and Professional. As you follow the program you become well-versed in the path of your choosing, with end exams in place to test your knowledge once you reach the end of a curriculum.

At a glance, SMC's program appears to be more robust, and more efficient. The well-rounded experience and knowledge you gain, alone, is enough to warrant choosing the college's program over the traditional AWS Solutions Architect path.

Is SMC's Program for You?

Nearly anyone and everyone is using some form of cloud computing or remote technology in today's hyper-digital landscape. Knowing all that, it doesn't take a genius to see why a career in this field would be so promising.

Furthermore, there are dozens of facets associated with the technology, from maintenance and security to client and server applications. Any company looking to work with cloud computing platforms or AWS specifically will need a versatile, well-rounded team to support its efforts.

Santa Monica's cloud computing certificate will help students develop and grow the skills necessary to make an impact in the industry. Whether you want to become a data analyst or security engineer, or just build a few simple cloud computing applications of your own, SMC's program is the way to go.


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