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VMblog's Expert Interviews: Pulse Secure Talks Pulse Connect Secure 9.0, Challenges, Benefits and More
Pulse Secure is focused on delivering secure access solutions for people, devices, things and services.  And the company is announcing a new version of its Pulse Connect Secure solution, version 9.0.  To find out more, I spoke with Scott Gordon, CMO of Pulse Secure.
VMblog:  For VMblog readers who may not be aware, can you give a quick background on the company?
Scott Gordon:  Pulse Secure is the leading provider of enterprise Secure Access solutions that ensure secure connectivity between people, devices, things and services. We offer best of breed tools and integrated suites that support cloud, mobile, application and network access to enable hybrid IT.

More than 20,000 enterprises and service providers across every vertical entrust Pulse Secure to empower their mobile workforce to securely access applications and information in the data center and cloud while ensuring business compliance.

Our portfolio is comprised of virtual private network, network access control, mobile security and application delivery solutions.

VMblog:  What does Pulse Connect Secure do and what does the latest version, Pulse Connect Secure 9.0, incorporate?  What makes this version stand out?

Gordon:  Pulse Connect Secure 9.0 simplifies the orchestration of protected connectivity in data center and hybrid IT environments. The latest release incorporates more than 102 new features. Key enhancements for this release include broader user and device visibility, secure access to Amazon AWS hosted applications and extended endpoint compliance for MacOS computers and Android mobile devices.

The integrated platform provides overall greater user and device intelligence where by organizations can consistently apply policy-based access controls across mobile, data center and cloud infrastructure while delivering a seamless user experience.

Pulse Connect Secure 9.0 ships with management console enhancements that provide IT administrators and security operators extensive user and device visibility with the means to dynamically manage policy based on device security state, user role, application, resource or authentication requirements whether on premise or in the cloud. The release brings additional API capabilities to further integration with other IT systems.

The release also extends Secure Access to a wider set of devices. It allows on-demand VPN for Android devices using Pulse Workspace offering a secure, easy-to-manage and remotely wipeable device container. The release enhances security for MacOS with expanded device compliance functionality and Always-On VPN with lockdown control of internet traffic, keeping enterprise users secure no matter their location. Pulse Connect Secure 9.0 also extends endpoint vulnerability assessment to help IT prevent malware propagation such as the WannaCry ransomware.

VMblog:  When will Pulse Connect Secure 9.0 be available?  And who is it available to?

Gordon:  This is shipping and available today through authorized Pulse Secure partners. We have more than 3,000 partners worldwide who sell and provide services around our Secure Access portfolio.

VMblog:  How is Pulse Connect Secure 9.0 deployed?

Gordon:  Pulse Connect Secure 9.0 can be deployed within the data center on a virtual or physical appliance, or as a cloud service when securing public cloud deployments for Microsoft Azure and now for Amazon AWS. Since the solution offers unified appliance and policy management, it can be readily scaled-out without disrupting users, changing security policies or retraining administrators.

VMblog:  How can organizations benefit from using Pulse Connect Secure 9.0?

Gordon:  As organizations migrate from data center remote access to hybrid IT Secure Access, they need to be able to apply a consistent policy across the myriad of end user computing devices and multi-cloud resources. This protects the connectivity and assures authorized access between their mobile workforce and the mix of data center, cloud hosted, and SaaS applications and resources introduce an array of usability and security challenges. More so, the release continues to offer frictionless, single-sign on connectivity, between data center and cloud applications, that users enjoy and IT support staff welcome.

VMblog:  What challenges does the new version solve?

Gordon:  This is about ensuring user experience and appropriate security while streamlining administration and ensuring consistent application of policy-based controls for the IT organization. Through one integrated platform, organizations gain greater user and device intelligence and can more easily apply policy-based access controls across mobile, data center and cloud infrastructure while delivering a seamless user experience.

VMblog:  If an organization implements Pulse Connect Secure 9.0, what experience will their users have?  How will this upgrade impact them?

Gordon:  Pulse Secure strides to have a seamless and easy user experience. For current customers, the upgrade will be transparent to end users and provide that much more capabilities for the IT organization.


Scott Gordon is the chief marketing officer at Pulse Secure, responsible for global marketing strategy, communications, operations, channel and sales enablement. He possesses over 20 years' experience contributing to security management, network, endpoint and data security, and risk assessment technologies at innovative startups and large organizations across SaaS, hardware and enterprise software platforms. Previously, Scott was CMO at RiskIQ and ForeScout (FSCT). He has also held executive and management roles at AccelOps (acq by Fortinet), Protego (acq by Cisco), Axent (acq by Symantec) and McAfee.  

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