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VMblog's Expert Interviews: New Tintri CEO On Why He Joined, What's Been Learned and His Vision Going Forward


Tintri, Inc., one of the leading providers of enterprise cloud platforms, recently announced a change at the helm when they brought on Tom Barton as the company's new CEO.  To learn more about that journey and what brought Barton to Tintri, VMblog went straight to the source and spoke with the new executive himself about why he joined and what his vision is for the company going forward. 

VMblog:  Tell us a little about yourself and what led you to Tintri.

Tom Barton:  I'm a long-time, Bay Area-based technology veteran. I've held leadership positions at a number of companies, most notably Rackable Systems, which we grew past $300 million in revenue and into a public company. I've also worked as COO at Planet Labs, which has amazing satellite technology that maps the Earth on a daily basis. Every company I've worked with has been distinguished by leading technology and has emphasized growth.

VMblog:  Why did you decide to join Tintri?

Barton:  I've come into Tintri with eyes wide open. As part of my due diligence, I spoke to current and former employees, investors, partners, customers and even competitors. There were common threads across all those conversations-Tintri has attracted first-rate employee talent and we have unrivaled technology. As a result, customers are remarkably loyal. The company clearly has the necessary ingredients for success.

VMblog:  How do you see Tintri's differentiation?

Barton:  Tintri is differentiated from other all-flash storage in three ways. First, performance. Sure, every all-flash provider claims to offer unrivaled performance, but Tintri can isolate every virtual machine to eliminate conflict over resources. Our auto-QoS works in the background to ensure every VM always has access to the resources it needs for guaranteed performance. Second is visibility. Tintri doesn't get enough credit for its analytics, which can show the root cause of latency for every VM across storage, compute and network with a single click. Third is Tintri's ability to support operation at scale with minimal management. Case in point, at one customer a virtualization admin manages a 4 petabyte footprint in just 4 hours per week, which is a fraction of the time typically required with other products.

VMblog:  What is your vision for the company?

Barton:  It's simple-Tintri belongs in the all-flash storage market. The product is incredible and our business is buoyed by passionate customers. Our vision is to provide large organizations and cloud service providers with an enterprise cloud platform and to lead the use cases where our differentiation provides outsized value: virtual desktops, DevOps workloads and virtual databases.

VMblog:  What are you hearing from customers and partners?

Barton:  Customers love Tintri-our products have freed them from managing storage so they can spend their time on higher impact projects. Admins have been elevated to managers. Managers have led ITaaS and cloud infrastructure initiatives. We are fundamentally transforming their operations and their careers. I've never seen such a consistently positive reaction to a product in all my years in technology.

Partners want us to capture this sentiment and make it visible to the larger market. They know that when an organization sees Tintri-and better yet gets hands-on with Tintri-they can't go back to legacy storage. Our job is to tell these stories and create the awareness that our company deserves.

VMblog:  How are you drawing on past experiences to lead Tintri forward?

Barton:  I've been fortunate to work at companies with differentiated technology-the key has always been to find the right ways to bring that story to market. Now, Tintri doesn't have a simple value prop, so we have to make sure organizations are clear about how we can solve the toughest issues in highly virtualized environments. We plan to emphasize a few use cases where we make a real difference and leverage our fanatical customers to share their stories. That's how we'll enable our salespeople and our channel to give Tintri outsized visibility; because we know that when an organization takes a close look at Tintri, no other storage compares.


Published Tuesday, May 29, 2018 7:31 AM by David Marshall
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