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Company Profile: Infinio

At Infinio, we believe that it's important to build our company as carefully as we're building our product. We're not trying to follow a new fad or ride the latest trend. Instead, we have consciously made the investments necessary to offer a valuable solution and great customer experience at a low cost. A solution that is easy to try, easy to install, and easy to buy. Based in Cambridge, Mass., we’re building solutions that improve the data storage performance of virtualized environments. We separate the problem of storage performance from the issue of storage capacity, allowing you to buy performance, not disk.

Infinio began in 2011 when Columbia computer science professor Vishal Misra and his fellow researchers saw the potential for their work to solve real-world problems. Vishal enlisted experienced software industry entrepreneurs and top-notch engineers (including co-founders Arun Agarwal and Dan Rubenstein) to make that vision a reality.

Our headquarters is in the heart of the Kendall Square tech startup scene, where we’ve hired some of the top talent that helped drive hugely successful companies including Endeca, NetApp, Netezza, and Veeam. Our engineers are from Columbia, MIT, Harvard, Carnegie Mellon, and Princeton.

Infinio enjoys strong financial backing from tier-one venture capitalists including Highland Capital Partners, Bessemer Venture Partners, and Lightspeed Venture Partners.

Our first product, Infinio Accelerator, brings downloadable storage performance to NAS-backed virtual infrastructures. Infinio Accelerator won a "Best of VMworld" award, being named a Finalist in the Best New Technology category.