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VMworld 2016 Video Interview with DataCore Software
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VMblog visits the DataCore booth at VMworld 2016, catching up with its CEO George Teixeira to learn more about what the company showed off at the event. We also received an eye-opening demo. DataCore's Parallel I/O technology is unique because it delivers the fastest I/O performance for mission-critical applications. Unlike other technologies in the market that process I/O serially, DataCore's technology can process I/O in parallel. Basically, it serves all I/O requests, reads and writes, in a much faster way by taking advantage of the multi-core processors already available in your hardware so it speeds up all of your latency-sensitive applications. Not only that, but it also achieved the fastest response time and best price-performance for a Highly Available Software-Defined Hyper-converged solution using off-the-shelf hardware.
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