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ESG Lab Spotlight: SIOS iQ & FlashSoft: Analytics-driven Server Acceleration
Download this ESG Lab Spotlight and learn how easy accelerating performance in your VMware environment through host-based caching can be. ESG Lab looked at a new approach that uses SIOS iQ machine learning analytics platform to identify candidate VMs that can be accelerated with FlashSoft host-based caching software using SanDisk Fusion ioMemory PCIe application accelerators and SanDisk SAS and SATA SSDs. They validated the benefits of this approach in this detailed Lab Spotlight

ESG Lab Spotlight evaluates the power of SIOS iQ Machine Learning and Flashsoft software to enable companies to improve application performance through easy, cost-efficient host based caching with solid-state storage devices (SSDs).by reducing storage bottlenecks, speeding application performance, and minimizing latency. However, the challenge for many organizations, especially since many SSDs are still more expensive than HDDs, is to know when and where to apply SSDs to both maximize performance and minimize costs. This lab report evaluates the SIOS iQ IT Analytics and SanDisk FlashSoft, ioMemory, and SSDs. SIOS iQ, a machine learning analytics platform for optimizing VMware environments, identifies which virtual machines will benefit most from host-based caching and recommends the configuration that will provide the best results. FlashSoft host-based caching software leverages SanDisk Fusion ioMemory PCIe application accelerators, SanDisk Lightning, Optimus, and CloudSpeed SSDs, or any other solid-state storage device, to reduce latency and improve throughput in read-intensive virtual and physical server workloads.

ESG Lab used a simulated enterprise IT infrastructure to validate how organizations can use the SIOS iQ analytics platform to identify applications that could be accelerated with host-based caching software, recommend an optimal cache configuration, and predict the resulting storage performance if caching were configured as recommended. 

Vembu: The Biggest Little Data Protection Company You Probably Haven't Heard Of (Yet)
Vembu wants to do more to let people know that it exists—it wants its own name to be in the marketplace and attached to its products—especially after hearing from many customers who desire to know whom the products they rely on truly belong to. So, in the past year, Vembu established relationships with more VARs and reached out directly to select enterprise and midmarket segments. It added 400 channel partners, 180 VARs, and 300 customers in 2014 alone.

If it appears that this analyst is impressed with Vembu, he is. Vembu’s feature set surpasses what one might presume to come from a backup company that most folks (in North America at least) haven’t heard of.And although it would be easy to assume that some of Vembu’s capabilities are mere boasts, the hesitations wash away with the recognition that this is a vendor with ten years in the business, and that well over half its workforce are R&D engineers. Said another way, Vembu appears to have been quietly solving its customers’ backup challenges for more than a decade through technology, instead of marketing.

In fact, not only did Vembu not have a marketing team until 2015, but it also didn’t have a sales team to speak of. This is an incredibly engineering-focused company—one whose revenues and customers have accumulated through word of mouth. But now, Vembu is building out a solid U.S.-based sales and marketing engine focused on penetrating awareness among IT decision makers, especially decision makers in the SMB segment.

The product Vembu will push in 2015, BDR 2.0, could be a “game changer” for Vembu’s growth. BDR appears to have the potential to quite effectively address the varied requirements of small and midmarket businesses who run mixed physical and virtual IT environments and who also want to leverage the cloud.

If Vembu continues to invest as much into its North American marketing and channel outreach programs as it historically has invested into engineering its technology, then 2015 could be the year that a lot of SMBs discover the “secret” to solving a lot of their backup problems.

European and APJ businesses may know Vembu, but many U.S. IT organizations will be surprised by the solution set of this ten-year-old company that is launching its first concerted marketing push into North America.

ESG Lab Review: Protecting Virtual Environments with Spectrum Protect Plus from IBM
This ESG Lab Review documents hands-on validation of the IBM Spectrum Protect Plus solution with a focus on how IBM makes deployment and management easy, while delivering multi-workflow recovery agility.
Even today, the reliable protection and recovery of virtual environments continues to be a daunting task for many IT organizations. That said, backup and recovery software does not always make VM protection and recovery easy. As an example, and perhaps most alarmingly, one in nine VM recoveries fails because the data was never backed up. When looking into why VM recoveries fail, one finds a startling range of causes. With so many challenges—the less-than-perfect track records of IT organizations when it comes to VM protection, coupled with failures to meet modern-day SLAs—it is not surprising that some respondents report they continue to lack complete confidence in their VM protection and recovery solution.

It’s apparent through the introduction of the Spectrum Protect Plus solution that these challenges have not been ignored by IBM. Now IBM customers can quickly and easily deploy a solution specifically designed to meet the challenges of virtual machine data protection and administration.