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Hyper-converged Infrastructure: No-Nonsense Selection Criteria
This white paper helps you identify the key selection criteria for building a business savvy hyper-converged infrastructure model for your business based on cost, availability, fitness to purpose and performance. Also, it includes a checklist you can use to evaluate hyper-converged storage options.
Hyper-converged storage is the latest buzz phrase instorage. The exact meaning of hyper-converged storage varies depending on thevendor that one consults, with solutions varying widely with respect to theirsupport for multiple hypervisor and workload types and their flexibility interms of hardware componentry and topology.
Regardless of the definition that vendors ascribe to theterm, the truth is that building a business savvy hyper-converged infrastructurestill comes down to two key requirements: selecting a combination ofinfrastructure products and services that best fit workload requirements, andselecting a hyper-converged model that can adapt and scale with changingstorage demands without breaking available budgets.
Download this paper to:
  • Learn about hyper-converged storage and virtualSANs
  • Identify key criteria for selecting the right hyper-converged infrastructure
  • Obtain a checklist for evaluating options
Replication Software for the VMware ESXi Hypervisor
Zerto protects virtualized applications with the same robust and effective recovery previously available only with complex and expensive array based replication solutions.

Zerto protects virtualized applications with the same robust and effective recovery previously available only with complex and expensive array based replication solutions. With Zerto you get:

  •         Scalability
  •         Ease of management
  •         A Hardware agnostic solutions
The Guide to Selecting Flash for Virtual Environments
High-performance flash-based storage has dramatically improved the storage infrastructure’s ability to respond to the demands of servers and the applications that count on it. Nowhere does this improvement have more potential than in the virtualized-server environment. The performance benefits of flash are so great that it can be deployed indiscriminately and still performance gains can be seen. But doing so may not allow the environment to take full advantage of flash performance. It may also b
Flash storage allows for a higher number of VMs per host. Increasing VM density reduces the number of physical servers required and thereby reduces one of the largest ongoing costs, buying more physical servers, which often are configured with multiple processors and extra DRAM. At the same time, the high performance and low latency of flash allows more mission critical applications to be virtualized. This report explains how storage and hypervisor vendors are getting smarter about leveraging this faster form of storage by including storage quality of service (QoS) intelligence in their systems or environments.
StarWind Manager
StarWind Manager is a software solution developed to assist system administrators in performing their basic routine duties. StarWind Manager helps implementing, managing and monitoring Software-Defined Storage systems built with such solutions as StarWind Virtual SAN, Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct, and Ceph.

StarWind Manager is a software solution that provides the ability to control the storage infrastructure regardless of hardware or software utilized. Thus, you can build your storage system using such Software-Defined Storage solutions like StarWind Virtual SAN, Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct and Ceph. StarWind Manager easily integrates into any existing infrastructure providing customers with a single control panel to manage it.

The first version of StarWind Manager comes as a “Preview Release”, and thereby supports only the first three features, while the others will be available in the upcoming releases:

·         Web-based interface

StarWind Manager provides a unified web-interface that allows monitoring your Software-Defined Architecture built with StarWind Virtual SAN, S2D or Ceph.

·         Server Health Monitoring

The software allows monitoring your server health irrespective of the hardware used to build the infrastructure. The web-based interface will provide the information on the CPU, memory, disk and storage utilization, as well as IOPS and latency.

·         Support for SDS platforms

As of now, StarWind Manager allows you monitoring the S2D infrastructure. In the upcoming releases, the software will be monitoring and managing the architecture built using StarWind Virtual SAN and Ceph storage platforms.

·         REST architectural paradigm

Designed with REST API, StarWind Manager allows adjusting the interface, as well as reconfiguring and creating plugins.

·         Hypervisor support

In addition to storage management, the software will allow you managing Microsoft Hyper-V hosts.
Introduction to Private Cloud Technologies: Virtualization
Virtualization provides many benefits to organizations. Atlantic.Net provides multiple types of virtualization solutions that can be implemented to fit any need. Additionally, Atlantic.Net has extensive experience in regard to both compliance and security for cloud computing. These include a range of virtualization packages delivering flexibility and scalability, along with control and customization.
Virtualization is broadly defined as the simulation of physical- or soft - ware-based resources on an underlying host server. The software used to manage the resources, called a hypervisor, creates separately contained systems, devices, or applications that utilize resources on that host. Combined, the distribution and management of these resources lay the groundwork for expansive virtualized environments
Composable Systems – The 4th Infrastructure Era - Executive Summary
Understand the difference between Hyperconverged solutions and Cloudistics Composable platform. This executive summary discusses the evolution of infrastructures and how the emergence of superconverged systems will transform the future of IT.
Learn how Ignite goes beyond hyperconverged platforms by delivering a virtualized network and network switch, along with converged all-flash storage, compute, virtualization, and centralized SaaS management into one plug-and-play platform.

The composable infrastructure enables you to:
  • Deliver 5x faster applications than traditional hyperconverged solutions
  • Scale independent network, storage and compute resources for 4x lower costs
  • Eliminate expensive hypervisor costs with our KVM-based hypervisor built-in