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5 IT Questions Your CEO Could Ask You Tomorrow
Topics: Zenoss
5 IT questions your CEO could ask you tomorrow that could make or break your career!

Picture this:  You round the corner and your CEO or another executive ambushes you with a question about an IT issue that’s keeping him up at night…

Business leaders and executives often need quick answers from IT, especially when there’s an issue underway and the ripple effects are beginning to spread.  How you respond in these moments could make or break your career.  (Here’s a hint:  they won’t want technology-focused answers.)

This eBook will prepare you for those moments, showing you how to think about IT ‘as-a-Service’ and communicate in the language your leaders and executives understand, and the terms they care about.

You'll learn:

  • The 5 most common questions that executives could spring on you
  • How to provide the business-focused answers they want and need
  • Examples of the approach in practice across multiple industries
  • How Zenoss Service Dynamics can help with all of this

Don’t be caught off guard the next time you get put on the spot - download this eBook today!