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Salem State University Teams with IGEL, Citrix and Nutanix to Deliver Digital Workspaces
Limited IT resources drive need for the IGEL’s robust management features; maturity of Citrix virtual desktop infrastructure, and the simplicity and time-to-value for Nutanix’s hyperconverged infrastructure offering make the combined solution a no-brainer for the university.
When Jake Snyder joined Salem State University’s IT department, the public university located just outside of Boston, Mass. was only using traditional PCs. “95% of the PCs were still on Windows 7 and there was no clear migration path in sight to Windows 10,” recalls Snyder. “Additionally, all updates to these aging desktop computers were being done locally in the university’s computer labs. Management was difficult and time consuming.”

The university realized something had to change, and that was one of the reasons why they brought Snyder on board – to upgrade its end-user computing environment to VDI. Salem State was looking for the security and manageability that a VDI solution could provide. “One of the biggest challenges that the university had been experiencing was managing desktop imaging and applications,” said Snyder. “They wanted to be able to keep their student, faculty and staff end-points up to date and secure, while at the same time easing the troubleshooting process. They weren’t able to do any of this with their current set-up.”

Snyder first saw a demo of the IGEL solution at the final BriForum event in Boston in 2016. “It was great to see IGEL at that event as I had heard a lot of good buzz around their products and solutions, especially from other colleagues in the industry,” said Snyder. “After BriForum, I went back and ordered some evaluation units to test out within our EUC environment.”

What Snyder quickly discovered during the evaluation period was that the IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS) was not just plug-and-play, like he had expected. “The IGEL UMS was a very customizable solution, and I liked the robust interface,” continued Snyder. “Despite competitive solutions, it was clear from the start that the IGEL devices were going to be easier to use and cheaper in the long run. IGEL really was a ‘no-brainer’ when you consider the management capabilities and five-year warranty they offer on their hardware.”

Salem State University currently has 400 IGEL Universal Desktop software-defined thin clients deployed on its campus including 360 UD3 thin clients, which are the workhorse of the IGEL portfolio, and 40 UD6 thin clients, which support high-end graphics capabilities for multimedia users. Salem State has also purchased IGEL UD Pocket micro thin clients which they are now testing.
Four Steps to Cloud Migration
Learn how to migrate with confidence and ease using automated capacity assessment and cost forecasting
Migrations of applications and workloads can be complex. Failure rates are high and cost overruns are common. This brief explains how you can:
  • Auto discover existing resources
  • Plan capacity and right-size your workloads,
  • Instantly run TCO analysis across multiple clouds, and
  • Reduce your time to complete migration
Conquering the Barriers Between Windows 10 & Legacy Software
This article explains how Cloudpaging technology can conquer the most common barriers to legacy application compatibility on Windows 10.
The urgency of migrating to Windows 10 is increasing among enterprises across the globe, primarily due to the heightened security measures Microsoft® has developed for the new operating system. Of course, such urgency is compounded by Microsoft’s announcement that it “will no longer provide security updates or technical support for devices running Windows 7,” effective January 14, 2020.  As organizations design strategies to migrate their desktops to a Windows 10 environment, they face many challenges.  This original article by Numecent’s principal software engineer, Robert Tran, details the ways in which Cloudpaging solves the many challenges legacy apps encounter when faced with migration to a new operating system.
Cloud Migration Planning Guide
Effective migration planning needs to start with evaluating current footprint to determine how the move will affect all functional and non-functional areas of the organization. Having a framework for assessment will streamline migration efforts, whether an enterprise plans to undertake this project on its own or with the help of a cloud service provider. HyperCloud helps enterprises navigate the complex, cloud ecosystem, to help them build an assessment that is precise and accurate. The platfo

Most enterprises underestimate the planning process; they do not spend sufficient time understanding the cloud landscape and the different options available. While there are tools at hand to assist the implementation and the validation phases of the migration, planning is where all the crucial decisions need to be made.

Bad planning will lead to failed migrations. Challenges that enterprises often grapple with include:

  • Visibility and the ability to compile an inventory of their existing on-premises VMware  resources
  • Cherry-picking workloads and applications that are cloud-ready
  • Right-sizing for the public cloud
  • A financial assessment of what the end state will look like

HyperCloud Analytics provides intelligence backed by 400+ million benchmarked data-points to enable enterprises to make the right choices for the organization. HyperCloud’s cloud planning framework provides automation for four key stages that enterprises should consider as they plan their migration projects.

They get automated instance recommendations and accurate cost forecasts made with careful considerations of their application requirements (bandwidth, storage, security etc). Multiple assessments can be run across the different cloud providers to understand application costs post-migration.

Download our whitepaper to learn more about how you can build high-confidence, accurate plans with detailed cloud bills and cost forecasts, while expediting your cloud migrations.