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Composable Systems – The 4th Infrastructure Era - Executive Summary
Understand the difference between Hyperconverged solutions and Cloudistics Composable platform. This executive summary discusses the evolution of infrastructures and how the emergence of superconverged systems will transform the future of IT.
Learn how Ignite goes beyond hyperconverged platforms by delivering a virtualized network and network switch, along with converged all-flash storage, compute, virtualization, and centralized SaaS management into one plug-and-play platform.

The composable infrastructure enables you to:
  • Deliver 5x faster applications than traditional hyperconverged solutions
  • Scale independent network, storage and compute resources for 4x lower costs
  • Eliminate expensive hypervisor costs with our KVM-based hypervisor built-in
Leveraging Hyperconvergence for Databases and Tier 1 Enterprise Applications
In this white paper, vExpert Scott Lowe, discusses: (1) why organizations are implementing hyperconverged infrastructures, (2) how to move forward with hyperconverged infrastructure plans while ensuring your database applications continue to grow, (3) how to boost hyperconvergence performance, (4) what is the performance metric that rules them all, and (5) what are the business benefits of leveraging hyperconvergence.

We live in a data-driven world. The quantity of and need for increasing amounts of data will skyrocket in the coming years, and behind it all are databases intended to help organizations maintain the madness. At the same time, the infrastructure that powers these databases is undergoing a massive transformation as organizations seek to simplify complex IT systems to reduce the cost of such systems and to improve the speed of the business.

Hyperconverged infrastructure has emerged in recent years as an incredibly powerful way for organizations to rein in data center madness. Adoption of this technology has been explosive—in a good way!—and organizations are enjoying significant operational efficiency and cost benefits to such adoption. How do you forge? Learn more from vExpert, Scott Lowe in this white paper.