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Scale Computing’s hyperconverged system matches the needs of the SMB and mid-market
Scale Computing HC3 is cost effective, scalable and designed for installation and management by the IT generalist
Everyone has heard the buzz about hyper-converged systems – appliances with compute, storage and virtualization infrastructures built in – these days. Hyper-converged infrastructure systems are an extension of infrastructure convergence – the combination of compute, storage and networking resources in one compact box – that promise of simplification by consolidating resources onto a commodity x86 server platform.
2015 State of SMB IT Infrastructure Survey Results
Overall, companies of all sizes are moving faster to virtualize their servers but very few are taking advantage of hyperconvergence and all that it offers.
Demandson IT in small and medium businesses (SMBs) continue to rise exponentially.Budget changes, increased application and customization demands, and more arestretching IT administrators to the limit. At the same time, new technologieslike hyperconverged infrastructure bring light to the end of thestrained-resources tunnel through improved efficiency, scaling, and managementbreakthroughs. More and more, IT groups at SMBs are being pushed to “do morewith less,” as the unwelcome saying goes. So, in order to meet thesechallenges, some SMBs leverage new technology.
See how 1,227 technologists replied to a surveyin early 2015 as a part of our State of SMB IT Infrastructure Survey. Theresponses to this very popular survey yielded some surprising results!