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A New Approach to Per User Application Management
Our premise is simple: existing methodologies for delivering and deploying Windows applications are based upon outmoded ideas and outdated technology. There remains a need for a product that makes it simple for each user to have their Windows applications individually tailored for their device. When a user logs on they should see only the applications that they are licensed to use regardless of whether they are using cloud, virtual or traditional desktops.
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A simple truth: Current application delivery and deployment solutions for Windows®-based desktops are often not fast enough, and the methods employed introduce complexities and limitations that cost enterprises valuable time, money and productivity. There is a strong need for a solution that is faster to deploy, simpler to use, and improves productivity rather than degrades it. In fact, the best solution would seamlessly and instantaneously personalizing the entire desktop, from profiles and printers to applications and extensions, while supporting license compliance and cost optimization. And, of course, it wouldn’t matter if the target desktops were physical, virtual, or cloud-based. FSLogix is delivering that solution today.


FSLogix has devised a revolutionary technique called Image Masking to create a single Unified Base Image that hides everything a logged in user shouldn’t see, providing predictable and real-time access to applications and profiles. This approach is driving unprecedented success in image reduction, with a side benefit of license cost optimization. Image masking functions identically across a wide range of Windows-based platforms, greatly simplifying the path from traditional to virtual environments, and dramatically reducing the management overhead required for enterprise desktops. This solution eliminates multiple layers of management infrastructure, creating a single, unified approach to image management, profile access, and application delivery.