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How Parallels Remote Application Server Enhances Microsoft RDS
The revolutionary potential of remote desktops is just being tapped. This article will illustrate how remote desktops can help companies work more efficiently and effectively, reducing costs and harmoniously integrating solutions such as thin clients. In addition, by delivering applications and data straight to thin clients, remote desktops simplify digital policies by centralizing data directly onto the company’s server.
In 2001, Microsoft introduced the RDP protocol, a proprietary protocol that allowed users to access an operating system’s desktop remotely. Since then, Microsoft has come a long way, developing Remote Desktop Services to facilitate remote desktop access. Formerly known as Terminal Services, RDS consists of a number of tools and services that allow businesses to build an application and virtual desktop delivery solution that their users can access remotely. However, the Microsoft RDS solution leaves a lot to be desired. This white paper looks at the pain points of Microsoft RDS solutions, and how systems administrators can use Parallels® Remote Application Server to enhance their RDS infrastructure and provide the functionality their businesses need to give their users the flexibility they need to be more productive.