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All Applications Are Not Created Equal
Building the business case for business continuity & disaster recovery in small & mid-sized organizations.
Determine recovery window objectives for your application set.
The Successful Data Center Migration
Walk through the steps of planning a successful data center migration and learn about common mistakes made along the way.

In helping hundreds of companies migrate everything from single applications to full data centers, we’ve developed an extremely thorough migration process. Read this white paper to learn from our 16+ years of experience.

How to Build A Cloud Migration That’s Right for Your Business
How to build a cloud migration plan that’s right for your business.

Either your company is in the process of moving to the cloud or will be in short order. This truth can be an opportunity to unlock all those dreamed-about cloud benefits, or it can lead you into the cloud-washing trap so many companies get stuck in. The difference is simple—the right cloud migration plan. It can take many different shapes, but, just like the best companies, the right plan is always unique and always personal.

Dedicated vs. Cloud Hosting
Compare dedicated and cloud infrastructure for your application set.

This white paper was created to help organizations make the right choice for them, whether it be deploying infrastructure in the cloud or on a dedicated platform. It discusses the many approaches to cloud and dedicated platforms, highlighting a few use cases along the way.

High Availability in Cloud and Dedicated Infrastructure
Learn manual and automated strategies to help prevent and remediate downtime.
Even the most robustly architected systems fail from time to time. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to limit your downtime exposure. This white paper covers manual and automated strategies to help you prevent and remediate downtime.
Cost-Benefit Analysis: High Availability in the Cloud
Understand the cost implications of cloud vs. dedicated infrastructure and justify them to your boss.
This white paper presents a cost-benefit analysis to help you make choices involving adding redundancy and high availability (HA) to your IT infrastructure. In it, we cover options for deploying fault-tolerant applications and servers via cloud and dedicated hardware in single- and multi-site configurations.
How Much Cloud Do I Really Need?
If you’re thinking about making the switch to the cloud—or if you’re already there and find yourself receiving larger bills than you expected—here’s what you need to be thinking about.
We see it all the time: A company with 50 servers moves to the cloud by creating 50 instances—one for each physical server. The thinking goes that if I’m using this much physical infrastructure, I’ll need this much cloud infrastructure. Simply convert servers to instances, and just like that, I’ve moved to the cloud. It’s a logical approach, but it’s wrong.
The Technology Behind ServerCentral DRaaS
ServerCentral provides turn-key DRaaS for virtual environments.
While virtualization has been a game-changing technology, most organizations have yet to realize the benefits of this transition. The optimization of IT processes for these environments, including security, compliance, and business continuity/disaster recovery (BC/DR), continue to lag behind. To date, BC/DR has been the most difficult. There haven’t been any virtual-ready, easily adoptable remote replication solutions. Until now.