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I never did have a complete understanding of the relationship between these companies.  But after trying the three products, you can see there were some similarities. found a newsgroup post that basically claims that SVISTA is doomed... a sinking ship if you will.  Alessandro follows the newsgroup post with a comment of his own, that there has been no new information from SVISTA since 2H 2004.  This would tend to make one believe that something is going on.  Either the project is coming to an end, or they are about to explode with something new.

Doing a quick search, it does appear that these companies had been working together.

A published eComStation roadmap had the following:

The Roadmap also points to the Serenity Virtual Station (, a joint effort between SSI and Parallels, Ltd of Moscow ( This week the Early Support Program open to eComStation users will allow testing of SVISTA products written for Windows, Linux, and OS/2 as both guest and host platforms. A public beta of these products is planned for end of April, 2004.

Well, we've all seen the explosion of Parallel's hitting the virtualization scene with it's Workstation product.  Somehow, I think this newsgroup poster has it right.  With Parallel's moving on and coming out with all of their products (now working on releasing a server class product in addition to its workstation class product), it just might be the end of SVISTA.  Who knows.

Maybe they will surprise us.  Maybe it is the calm before the storm.  Or... not.  Time will tell.

Published Thursday, March 09, 2006 1:01 PM by David Marshall
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