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Appliances save time and money

Server virtualization has been evolving and reinventing itself these past few years, and at an exponential rate these past few months.  The initial uses of virtualization (why people were buying it in droves) are starting to slow down.  While not down and out, people are still buying virtualization products to perform server consolidation, but it is quickly being over shadowed by its many other uses.

IT Week has its own take on virtualization, where it discusses how appliances (the new buzz word going around that latched onto virtualization) are becoming important as a time and money savings item to an IT shop.  The article goes on to say:


The notion of a single-function server appliance is not new. Vendors such as Cisco have developed profitable businesses by selling kit such as network routers – the classic single-function server appliance. And such vendors offer an important lesson – that appliances become popular when they are based on accepted standards.

Specialised appliances such as Conformative’s XML accelerators and Neteeza’s database accelerators are increasingly common. Security appliances are also taking off, provided by vendors such as Network Engines, which aims at the Microsoft marketplace; and nCipher, which targets document security and uses Adobe’s LiveCycle Security Server.

An interesting extension of the appliance concept is to create packaged “appliance-like” functionality in software – an example of this would be the 40 or so pre-configured virtual machines available for free download from VMware. These include several open-source firewalls, commercial database evaluation systems and even a voice over IP (VoIP) server.

Check out the entire article, here.

Published Monday, March 20, 2006 10:32 AM by David Marshall
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