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Hitachi Unleashes Performance Boost to Revolutionary Universal Storage Platform

Quoting from a press release:

Hitachi Data Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd. (NYSE: HIT), today announced significant enhancements to the revolutionary Hitachi TagmaStore® Universal Storage Platform (USP) that reinforce its position as the “King of the Hill” in enterprise storage technology.

As the top ranked high-end storage platform in the industry—with a 40-percent market share and an installed base of over 3,000 intelligent virtual storage controllers—Hitachi today extended its industry leading USP solution with substantial performance and functionality enhancements, including a 25-percent boost to overall system performance, delivering an unprecedented 2.5 million IOPS (input-output operations per second) of maximum power and elevating the USP to a formidable new standard in the industry. The boosted USP has the ability to make critical applications such as Oracle Financials and Microsoft SQL Server run at peak velocity, while improving the performance of virtualised tiered storage environments.

"The Hitachi USP still has no head-to-head competition," said Tony Asaro, senior analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. "It is still the only enterprise-class storage system that also provides external storage virtualisation. It is still the only storage virtualisation platform that leverages the same data management software that is also used on its flagship storage system products. Additionally, with 3,000 installed, clearly there is strong demand in the market.  We feel that Hitachi will continue to gain momentum and that their best-in-class USP will just keep getting better and better."

Large enterprises across the globe are experiencing unprecedented performance and scalability demands for Internet-enabled, online transaction processing (OLTP) applications and infrastructure consolidations and require a massively scalable storage solution that can meet these pressing business requirements.

The Universal Storage Platform continues to change the industry dynamics of data storage by powering an embedded virtualisation layer capable of managing up to 32 petabytes of internal and external storage — a 31,000-percent advantage — logical partitions for the creation of secure Private Virtual Storage Machines, and sophisticated storage-agnostic remote copy that greatly simplifies business continuity, driving continued marketshare gains that have positioned Hitachi at the forefront of storage virtualisation.

The enhanced USP delivers customers unparalleled flexibility by offering massive multi-protocol consolidation of iSCSI, Fibre Channel, ESCON, FICON and NAS within a single storage services platform with a 100-percent data availability guarantee—all managed from a single, integrated console.

“The performance boosted Hitachi Universal Storage Platform significantly reduces the total cost of storage," said David Floyer, chief technical officer and co-founder, ITCentrix, an independent software and services firm. "Our analysis of the enhanced USP shows that in a large configuration of 200 TeraBytes with 800 TeraBytes of externally managed storage, Hitachi is projected to reduce the cost of storage and storage management by as much as 52-percent, compared to competitive solutions.”

“Hitachi continues to deliver high-end enterprise storage systems addressing requirements beyond simple feeds, reads and speeds by providing advanced high-end storage functionality such as logical partitioning, embedded virtualisation, heterogeneous attachment, virtual ports, storage-agnostic universal replication, and comprehensive management — all continuing to raise the stakes as to competitive requirements," said Carl Greiner, senior vice president, Infrastructure, Software, and IT Services, Ovum.

New Extended Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Capabilities

The Hitachi Universal Storage Platform also features new software enhancements that further safeguard data to meet regulatory compliance and risk exposure requirements, including:

Hitachi Universal Replicator™, already recognised as the premier long distance replication software for out-of-region protection, will be further enhanced to accommodate larger configurations with higher performance, including support for 64K data volumes distributed across as many as four USP systems.  Additionally, the enhanced Hitachi Universal Replicator Delta Resync capability for open and mainframe systems dramatically reduces recovery times in the event of a disaster. The Hitachi Universal Replicator Delta Resynch capability allows a customer to recover to a local (or intermediate) site when the primary site has failed in a three data centre configuration. The new function will copy only the delta data (differences) from the intermediate site to the remote disaster recovery site during the recovery process — greatly simplifying operations —instead of performing a copy of all of the data from the intermediate site to the remote recovery site.

Hitachi ShadowImage™ In-System Replication, which provides non-disruptive, high-speed, data replication within any Hitachi storage system, is enhanced to accommodate an increased number of data volumes, while data replication performance is increased by up to 300-percent, or well above 1 Gigabyte per second. Contributing to the improved ShadowImage performance is the increase in the number of concurrent ShadowImage operations, from 32 to 128, a 300-percent increase.

New Storage Security Features: Audit Logging

“While many in the storage industry are slowly and begrudgingly recognising security is a necessity, Hitachi Data Systems and Hitachi, Ltd. have had a commitment to security in its engineering and business processes for years,” said Jon Oltsik, senior analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. “Hitachi’s dedication in security spans many areas including product design, customer support and corporate culture. Hitachi Data Systems’ products are also shipped ‘compliance ready,’ meaning that they are designed to provide the security features necessary to adhere to regulatory requirements.”

Today, Hitachi is expanding its leadership position in storage security with new audit logging capabilities. The Hitachi Universal Storage Platform now features an audit log file which stores a history of all user access operations performed on the system. This history includes information on the user(s), the precise time of the operation, the name of the operation, any parameters set, and the end result (normal completion or error message). The audit log can be used to keep track of all user access operations, to monitor security, to investigate the cause of errors, and to avoid potential errors. Customers can export the audit log files from multiple systems to a centralised server to simplify audit and control management tasks.

Continuously Elevating High-End Storage to a New Level

“Hitachi’s approach fundamentally improves storage management and makes allocation of storage resources simpler,” said Dave Vellante, president and CEO of ITCentrix, an independent software and services firm. “With the USP, CIOs can more effectively manage cost and match information and application requirements, all with a unified software approach. By providing virtualisation for competitive storage products, Hitachi is redefining storage management in a way that dramatically differentiates from traditional approaches, and allows buyers to extend the value of installed assets. Hitachi has proven that it can use the entire resource base of a technology company to deliver an out-of-the-ordinary storage platform.” 

"Scalability is one of the critical attributes upon which IT professionals should evaluate storage virtualisation solutions," said John McArthur, group vice president and general manager, IDC. "But scalability is more than raw capacity.  Companies like Hitachi Data Systems are addressing the scalability requirement by scaling external device support, performance, connectivity, logical device support, and availability.  Today's announcement brings Hitachi to a new level."

“Hitachi has elevated their storage subsystem controllers to the status of storage services platforms,” said John Webster, senior analyst and founder, Data Mobility Group. “Hitachi is demonstrating a leadership position by delivering advanced storage functionality such as logical partitioning, embedded virtualisation, virtual ports, and heterogeneous replication today.”

With cached bandwidth being the limiting performance factor in any cache-centric high-end storage system, the massively parallel Hitachi Universal Star Network™ crossbar switch architecture shatters through the bottlenecks inherent in existing legacy architectures by offering a massive 68 Gigabytes per second of cached bandwidth—a 325-percent advantage over monolithic competitors, as well as 256 concurrent memory operations, an additional 700-percent advantage.

The TagmaStore Universal Storage Platform and Network Storage Controller lines of intelligent virtual storage controllers have dominated the marketplace with their unique heterogeneous storage virtualisation capabilities. Only Hitachi offers enterprise-class storage solutions that  separate the commodity media (disks) from the innovation (intelligent control unit) required to provide storage, data and content services, enabling customers to adopt the latest functionality and capabilities while utilising existing storage assets. Hitachi’s unique approach to virtualisation delivers total flexibility for IT buyers to match unique application requirements to specific storage attributes.

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Published Monday, May 22, 2006 6:51 PM by David Marshall
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