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Whitepaper: Taming Virtual Machine Sprawl: How to Get Your Virtualization Under Control

This whitepaper is written by Cassatt Corp., and is hosted by Information Week:

Whitepaper overview:

Under-utilized servers are an enormous factor in today's IT budget crisis, with system utilization inside large corporate data centers rarely exceeding 10 percent. Virtualization has the potential to slash IT costs by letting organizations accomplish more work with fewer servers.

But virtualization projects often don't deliver the expected cost savings. The problem is not virtualization itself, but the lack of a management strategy that addresses all of the costs and risks that result when you increase the number of applications that share each server. A comprehensive virtualization management strategy that addresses hardware, software, power, real estate, and administration costs is vital to realizing the cost-saving potential of virtualization technology.

Running multiple virtual machines in a single server can reduce the number of physical machines required to perform a given amount of work. This leads users to believe that implementing virtual machines will reduce costs. What many users fail to realize is that each virtual machine presents the same software, maintenance, and administration expenses as a physical server. Research indicates that less than one-fifth of the total cost of a server is related to hardware, while administrative costs make up more than twice the hardware cost. With between four and eight virtual machines commonly running on a single physical server, these costs can add up fast.

Balancing resources is a critical component of using virtualization successfully for server consolidation because it addresses the primary cause of hardware under-utilization. Servers are not under-utilized because of a lack of work throughout the organization, but because there is no way to dynamically move applications on overloaded servers to under-utilized machines. Cassatt Corporation provides software that complements virtualization technology by dynamically allocating physical and virtual resources to applications across the data center on demand, without human intervention.

This white paper will show you how to develop a virtualization management strategy that minimizes business risks related to system failure, reduces software costs, maximizes application performance, meets the multi-system needs of large-scale applications, and eases management burdens inherent in virtual machine implementations. You'll also learn how to change a static data center into a dynamic, real-time IT infrastructure that allows physical and virtual resources to be repurposed to support the most critical applications without an extensive labor investment that increases operational costs.

You want to successfully implement and manage a virtualization project that will enable server consolidation. You are looking for ways to reduce data center costs while mitigating business risks. Find out how you can create a policy-based, automated virtual machine management solution that dynamically allocates virtual and physical resources throughout the data center according to business priorities. Focus on delivering application services that drive business success instead of focusing on constant server management.

Download it, here.

Published Tuesday, May 23, 2006 6:36 AM by David Marshall
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