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VMware releases ESX Server 3.0 and VirtualCenter 2.0 Release Candidate 2

Thanks to Run-Virtual, we now know that VMware has released the latest build of VMware ESX Server 3.0 and VirtualCenter 2.0.  It looks as though the rumor of a June release could be on track and on target if the pace keeps up.  The beta testing for this product has been closed, so unless you were already a beta tester of the products, you won't be able to enjoy this release candidate. 

This is great news though, as the general availability release of both products is right on track.  So unless something major happens or is found, a release is right around the corner.

Published Tuesday, May 23, 2006 10:19 PM by David Marshall
Guest - May 26, 2006 10:39 AM
As much as I like VMware and its products, It sad that they still haven´t leaned the lesson that SCSI is dead. I´m really interested in the concept of ESX, but the restriction to use SCSI makes it a dead end product since SATA drives almost catched up in reliability today .

The price for SCSI and its struggeling succesors (SATA costs ca. 1/14 of SCSI drives) is absoluty unacceptable, and so this product of VMWare will fail in the markets where I see the most demand for it.

Mercado - May 27, 2006 9:04 AM
Without sounding wishy washy, I'll have to agree and disagree with your statement.  While I agree with you that SATA drives have been improving in speed and are a fraction of the cost of SCSI drives, I'm still not convinced that their MTBF is on par with SCSI.  It might be, but to me, it is still unproven - too soon to tell.  I'd also have to disagree with the statement that not supporting SATA will kill ESX.  ESX is and has been alive and well for many years, without the support of SATA.  I don't see that changing.  Companies that cannot afford SCSI drives or Fiber drives should probably look at using Microsoft Virtual Server or VMware Server as alternatives.  
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