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RUMOR: Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard to feature virtualization

Quoting from Mac Daily News

"In recent weeks, the core feature set and low-level changes to the Mac OS X codebase have been firmed up in preparation for focused efforts to produce a 'WWDC Preview' release in early August to be shared with developers in attendance of Apple's World Wide Developer Conference (Aug. 7-11)," Mac OS Rumors reports. "A lot of ambitious ideas -- like the use of a BitTorrent bandwidth-sharing reward system to alleviate some of Apple's massive use of Internet bandwidth for the iTunes Store, Software Updates, et cetera -- that didn't make the cut in previous versions are being considered very seriously as part of the very ambitious Leopard feature set."

"Apple is soon to introduce its 'Mac Pro' line, which will sport Intel's 'Conroe' desktop Core 2 Extreme processors with up to two four-core processors for a total of eight CPUs. Making good use of all those resources and avoiding current problems where one core may run at a significantly higher temperature than all the others, causing potential crashes and other problems down the a huge challenge. Leopard is being focused like a laser beam on that task and the results will be very impressive," MOSR reports. "Leopard will introdce a lot more moving, animated, flowing and interactive 'living interface elements' to the Mac experience... For example, switching between applications will now give a much more obvious and graphically rich interface cue so that even novice Switchers will recognize what is occuring without having to look at the Dock, Menubar, et cetera for feedback. It will be very obvious as the interface moves and flows."

"Simultaneous (e.g. not dual-boot) operating system virtualization technology derived from quiet efforts in this area at Apple over the past five years will allow Leopard owners to run OS X, Windows, Linux, Solaris and other operating systems simultaneously with near-native performance and no need for third party software," MOSR reports.

Quoting from the original article, here.


Published Wednesday, May 31, 2006 6:14 AM by David Marshall
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