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VMware's New Arsenal Packs a Punch

Quoting from my article on the Virtualization Report

 VMware announces the launch of VMware Infrastructure 3, its third generation of the industry-leading virtualization software suite that will combine VMware's ESX Server product with VirtualCenter Management, its VMFS 3 distributed file system, Virtual SMP, VMotion technology, its Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS), VMware High Availability (HA), and its Consolidated Backup tools.

With the increased competition entering the server virtualization market, VMware hopes to move well beyond the simple server consolidation market and offer more than just the management of a few virtual machines carved out on a physical server. Infrastructure 3 will truly attempt to bring in a new era for data centers where industry-standard infrastructure farms can be managed as a shared utility and dynamically allocated to different business units or projects. New capacity can be added or removed non-disruptively based on business demand. Applications can be migrated automatically to available hardware resources. Hardware failures can be automatically overcome with minimal disruptions. Business data can be protected with minimal impact to production SLAs.

"VMware Infrastructure 3 transforms the role of hardware and software so that the business can truly think in terms of deploying services on a pool of continuously available hardware resources," said Diane Greene, president of VMware. "Instead of server boxes specifically configured for a given operating system and application, there is now a set of applications mapped to a large pool of resources and the constraint of thinking about individual hardware components becomes an old-fashioned concept. We'll look back on it as the difficult way we used to do things."

I spoke with Raghu Raghuram, VP of Platform Products at VMware, and asked him what he thought the adoption rate would be for the new product suite. He told me that there were already more than 6,400 customers testing the VMware Infrastructure 3 suite since last October.

Some of the more impressive features being offered include the following:

  • Clustered VFMS 3, a distributed file system that allows the bundling of storage from different storage arrays and then pools them to make them available to applications.

  • VMware High Availability, eliminates single points of hardware failure by automatically relocating and restarting virtual machines.

  • VMware DRS and VMotion, dynamically aggregate hardware resources into logical resource pools and optimally allocate them to applications running in virtual machines.

  • VMware Consolidated Backup, offloads backup to a centralized server allowing ESX Server to run more virtual machines by reducing its load and enables backups to safely occur even during production hours.

Read the rest of the article, here.

Published Monday, June 05, 2006 12:56 PM by David Marshall
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