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Flash: VMWare eats Microsoft's lunch again, steals toys, cuts in line

Quoting from ComputerWorld

It's always a hard thing for me not to naturally root for the smaller guy.  These days, when it comes to VMWare, it's a little unclear who the small guy is, but the battle back and forth with Microsoft is starting to look like a bad day at recess with the big kid walking all over the little punk. 

In a market that Microsoft is trying to invade by a continued replay of standard tactics (acquisition, development, forced entry by giving away product for free), VMWare continues to dominate.  It's interesting to think about how it is succeeding.

One thing, is product depth and focus.  Somehow, the EMC goliath managed to pickup VMWare but have enough wits to let them continue to do what they're good at. 

But the other thing, is that VMWare has locked onto Microsoft's weak spot with the grip of a bulldog.  VMWare is doing this by really giving us what we need from the MS Windows OS, that Microsoft has never been able to deliver.  VMWare is actually delivering Microsoft's product in the way that Microsoft should be delivering it.  And that makes some of us bigger VMWare supporters than we are Microsoft supporters - VMWare has been the first product in a long, long time that I'll pay the vendor's asking price without grumbling under my breath.

Suddenly, we've got easy maintenance, easy recovery, easy deployment, and easy manageability.  What we really want in the Microsoft OS, is access to some of the user tools and easy administration that comes with the GUI, while having the ability to control application separation, get better resource utilization, be hardware agnostic and stop rebuilding installs all the time, and manage the system as well as other enterprise OS's have in the past.  VMWare is giving us that.  While Windows still struggles to grow up with some of these enterprise capabilities, VMWare is munching it's lunch.

I think even the Microsoft fans in us love to love VMWare, because it finally makes our hope come alive - finally, a way to use this nice GUI OS without having to worry about how we're shooting ourselves in the foot.  As VMWare continues to add tremendous depth to their product line, it doesn't look like competitors in the same space have a wing or a prayer.

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Published Thursday, June 08, 2006 6:45 AM by David Marshall
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