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Computer Performance Experts Focus on Server Virtualization

Quoting from the press release:

The IT professionals responsible for planning, measuring and managing the world's largest IT infrastructures will be devoting a day of their yearly conference to closely examine the implications of server virtualization. The Computer Measurement Group (CMG) conference takes place in Reno, Nevada from December 3rd through December 8th.

December 6th has been declared as "Virtual Wednesday". During that day, experts representing the market leaders in server virtualization will discuss performance implications of virtualization, along with discussions of their future roadmaps. These discussions will be complemented by presentations of "real-world" deployment.

CMG has, for the past 32 years, provided a unique conference in that the conference attendees present experiential data that goes beyond the usual abstract or theoretic approach. During December 6th, there will be a number of presentations that provide concise benchmarked results and sophisticated data analysis, including unusual "wrinkles and warts" that affect an IT installation that actually digs in and deploys the technology.

"Server Virtualization is an emerging technology that will be transformational in nature. It is perhaps the most important technology to emerge since TCP/IP in the early 1980s, which was a key enabler of today's Internet. What we are seeing is very promising, but the derivative technologies, such as the ability to move live applications from one physical server to another, will transform the industry and deliver a new level of availability and agility to the enterprise," said Dr. Michael Salsburg, the Program Chairman for CMG 2006.

CMG members are experts at evaluating and deploying computer systems optimized for cost and quality of service. Members include professional performance management personnel from the largest corporations around the world. Originally focused on performance evaluation and tuning for IBM mainframes, CMG has evolved and diversified as its members were challenged by new computing architectures.

The annual conference features practitioners exchanging real-world examples of what went right and wrong in mission-critical deployments, information, ideas and techniques. Practitioners from major corporations, including Volvo, eBay, Bank of America, Capital One, Kaiser Permanente, MetLife and MCI, will present techniques to manage performance and plan for capacity. Chief technicians and thought leaders, representing technology vendors such as Unisys, IBM, Sun, Hitachi, EMC, Veritas, BMC, SAS and others will discuss methods and practices that deliver quality service to the enterprise.

The Computer Measurement Group ( ) is a not for profit, worldwide organization of data processing professionals committed to the measurement and management of computer systems.

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