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Finally - easy application virtualization for IT
The Thinstall Virtualization Suite (Thinstall VS) for IT makes packaging deploying popular business applications easy and integrates with current software distribution products.

Feature Overview

Thinstall's new product for Corporate IT is targeted for launch in Summer 2006. A preview of the features include:

  • Easy to use Wizard driven GUI
  • Setup Capture for automated package creation
  • Package popular applications such as Microsoft Office and Photoshop in minutes
  • Isolation technology prevents modifications to host PC
  • Deployment options via network execution or USB flash
  • Dynamic registry data remapping allows applications to be easily moved from PC to PC
  • No special servers to install, instantly stream applications directly from a network share
  • No client software to install; zero footprint on client PCs
  • No drivers or elevated security privileges required, runs completely in user mode
  • No emulation or translation, CPU intensive applications execute at full speed
  • No special package editing software to learn
  • Very fast, runs MS Word 2003 from a network share on a new PC in seconds                      

Key Functionality and Benefits

Instant deployment
Thinstall enables applications to run instantly on desktops with zero install.   Users can launch compressed applications of up to 2GB in size from a local directory, network share, or USB Flash device and start using them in seconds.

Fast, lightweight virtualization
Thinstall does not use emulation so every instruction is executed natively at full speed without the typical 25-50% speed reduction typical of machine virtualization.  The Thinstall VOS occupies only 300K on disk.  Because Thinstall virtualizes only applications, not an entire new OS, additional Windows licenses are not required and memory impact is minimal.

Desktops stay clean, secure, and conflict-free
Because Thinstall requires zero install and does not modify the registry, complex applications can be used while keeping PCs completely clean.  Thinstall has enhanced sandboxing capabilities that can redirect all file system and registry changes made by the application to a user and application specific directory.  Sandboxing enables applications to run flawlessly without elevated security rights and without potential PC corruption due to faulty application design or assumptions.

Vista Ready - Least User Access (LUA) friendly
Thinstall fully supports Windows Vista and makes migration easier by eliminating LUA related errors and compatibility issues. Thinstall runs completely in user mode without requiring Administrator rights or elevated security permissions ensuring that neither Thinstall nor applications it runs can circumvent existing security policies.  Microsoft’s best practices recommend user mode solutions to reduce the scope and impact of security breaches.

Streaming without infrastructure changes
Thinstall is able to stream application code and data from a standard Windows fileserver or network share without a client install or specialized servers required, enabling application streaming with no infrastructure changes.   A single file server can provide service to more than a thousand users.  Users can launch an application from a local shortcut, network share, URL, or email link.   Standard Active Directory file permissions can be set to control access of applications to specific users.

Isolation eliminates software conflicts
Thinstall VS includes new file system and registry isolation capabilities that prevents applications from being affected by other software installed on the same system.  Two versions of the same applications can appear to be installed and run from the same directory without conflicts even where virtual and non-virtual versions exist at the same location.  Thinstall VS also provides Windows side-by-side DLL isolation capabilities without having to redevelop applications to support side-by-side deployment or needing to upgrade to XP/Vista.

Terminal Server & Citrix Metaframe Server ready
Thinstall fully supports Terminal Server and Citrix Metaframe Server for delivering applications.  Applications which were not properly designed for multi-user environments or older operating systems can run without changes using Thinstall isolation and sandboxing technology.

Check out the company's Web site, here.


Published Wednesday, August 02, 2006 9:36 PM by David Marshall
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