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Event: Server Virtualization: When, Why, and How to Virtualize

When: Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Where: Hilton New York (1335 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10019)

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Are you facing server sprawl that is out of control or looking for ways to improve performance or cut costs? Server virtualization is quickly being adopted by IT organizations that want to increase server utilization, consolidate servers, increase interoperability in heterogeneous environments and/or reduce server management requirements. But how do you know when and what to virtualize and how to make the most of it?

Whether you’ve already deployed virtualization or are just starting to consider it, attend this seminar to find out what you need to know about server virtualization. Independent experts Bernard Golden and Chris Wolf will explain which servers you can virtualize and offer advice on how to effectively set and implement your virtualization strategy. They’ll review how blades, 64-bit, multi-core and rack-based architectures fit in a virtualized infrastructure and let you know which applications to run on what type of virtualization. And they’ll show you how to optimize, monitor and manage a virtual environment.

You’ll also find out more about the benefits you can reap with virtualization which include:

  • Reclaim real estate in the server room
  • Greatly reduce your power costs
  • Increase hardware utilization rates
  • Better leverage IT resources
  • And more!
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At this seminar you'll learn:

Your morning starts out with a buffet breakfast and ends with a giveaway from our sponsors. The agenda includes time for Q&A, networking opportunities and tons of valuable information. And you'll benefit from these key sessions:

Session 1: Making the Virtualization Decision

While most in IT are aware of the virtualization boom, many are still wrapping their arms around how to make the most out of virtualization in their specific environment. In this session, host, network, and storage-based virtualization technologies will be explained in plain English. While deciding to virtualize is easy, deciding what and how to virtualize rarely is. With these major decision factors in mind, this session will cover:
  • How to properly select virtualization candidates
  • How to plan for a smooth transition to virtualized production resources
  • Careful attention will be directed to the major virtualization vendors and product lines, including VMware, Microsoft, and Xen
Session 2: Virtualization Architectures, Hardware Selection and Server/Software Configuration

There are several competing approaches to virtualization. What are the key differences and how do you decide which is right for you? Beyond virtualization architecture, there are also hardware implications of moving to virtualization that must be addressed to ensure compatibility with an organization's existing infrastructure. This session covers:
  • Virtualization architectures and their pros and cons
  • Hardware choices and requirements
  • Making the right virtualization choice for your organization
Session 3: A Means to a Good End: Virtualization for Consolidation and Migration

Once you've chosen the right virtualization solution and arranged for the necessary hardware, the key challenge is migrating your existing infrastructure to the new virtualized environment. This session will address the organizational implications and employee skill sets necessary to succeed with virtualization. In addition, it will discuss the migration process; in other words, how to move existing applications to the new environment. This session will cover:
  • Where does virtualization live in the organization
  • How to determine whether your existing staff is virtualization-ready
  • Planning and executing a virtualization migration project
Session 4: Getting the Most out of your Virtual Environment

Most administrators don’t deploy servers using all default settings, so virtualization deployment and management should be no different. In this session, you will see how to make the most of your virtualized resources. While analyzing the most common implementation and management challenges that exist in VMware and Virtual Server deployments, this session will cover:
  • The many gotchas and pitfalls that even the most diligent administrators fall victim to
  • A strong look at VM and host performance optimization
  • How to maintain VM availability
  • Backup and recovery best practices

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Who should attend:

This event is designed for IT decision makers who oversee data centers and are evaluating server virtualization or expanding and optimizing current virtualization implementations. In particular, this event will provide valuable information for IT managers who want to increase server utilization and manageability while reducing server glut in heterogeneous environments.

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