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Is Virtualization the Answer for Mac Gaming?

Quoting from InfoWorld

When Apple announced that it was going to create an Intel-based Mac, it caused quite a stir in the industry. And with that announcement, a lot of things were raised, such as questions, eyebrows and expectations. Although the Intel-based Mac has been out for only a short while now, it seems like most people have gravitated toward it and the industry itself has embraced it. One area that has captured a lot of news and interest is Mac OS X virtualization.

When a little known company called Parallels first engaged the Mac market with its Parallels Desktop for Mac virtualization product, more than 100,000 people signed on to become beta testers. This alone seemed to validate the demand for virtualization on the new Intel-based Mac. But the demand at that time seemed to be focused around virtualizing the Microsoft Windows operating system so that users could run their Windows applications on their Mac... without rebooting their system.

And this technology seemed fine for running productivity applications, but what about gaming? Yes, Mac users like to game just as much as their PC neighbors, but getting the latest and greatest games on the Mac in a timely manner becomes more than just a chore - it is usually impossible. Can virtualization help the Mac gaming community like it did the productivity application market? Maybe. But first, typical virtualization packages need to overcome the 3D graphics limitation that has been plaguing virtualization since it was first launched for the PC.

The good news is that there are companies out there trying to make a difference and hope to offer some virtualized solution to enable game play on the Mac like it should be.

Parallels announced that it is currently working on a new version of Parallels Desktop for Mac that will allow the virtual machine's guest operating system to use 3D acceleration hardware in real-time. The company claims that it will be fast and hope to have it out before the end of the year. Doing so should give Mac users the ability to then run Windows games side-by-side with their Mac OS X.


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Published Sunday, August 20, 2006 2:19 PM by David Marshall
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