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Lxlabs announces full Xen management capabilities

Lxlabs, a leading vendor of hosting related software, today announced that they have added full xen management capabilities to their virtualization software HyperVM, and claims that hyperVM is the first and only product offering both software level and hardware level virtualization in the industry today. Xen support brings unprecedented levels of flexibility to hosting companies who can now offer a wider choice to their customers.

Hardware and OS level virtualization are not entirely competing technologies, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages which are perfectly complemented by the other. The ability to choose either one depending on the task at hand is vital for companies who wants to retain their customers even as their requirements change. HyperVM, which now supports both the technologies in an extremely transparent manner, will enable companies to migrate from one to the other trivially, and without the customer even becoming aware of it.

"HyperVM had been a much bigger success than we had anticipated," said CTO K T Ligesh, "and we are extremely gratified by the reception accorded to our software, and this has only spurred us to exceed our customer's expectation of us".

The company also announced that it will support Solaris containers and Vmware in addition to MS Virtual Server, and thus offer the one umbrella solution that can handle every kind of virtualization scenario. The Solaris container support is expected to be released later this year.

Regarding sw-soft's similar announcement about their planning to support alternate virtualization technologies, Ligesh said, "It's nice to see that sw-soft has finally acknowledged the severe limitations of virtuozzo when it comes to many hosting scenarios and are proactively taking steps to ensure that they will stay relevant as the virtualization industry matures. Of course, we are also flattered to see that sw-soft finds it newsworthy that they are going to do in the next year what we already have now."

The company hopes that the key feature of hyperVM--the absolute transparent way in which it handles all the different technologies, enabling the customer to switch from one to another without even realizing that that their core technology has changed--will keep it unique in the market, stiff competition from more established players notwithstanding.

HyperVM can bought or leased at flexible pricing plans from

Published Thursday, August 24, 2006 6:45 AM by David Marshall
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