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Virtualization technology, which resurfaced in the 1990s after disappearing in the 80’s, is being increasingly used information technology firms leveraging software virtualization solutions (SVS) to save cost. SVS solves file and registry conflicts between applications and increase other hardware capabilities. Recently, software virtualization is moving towards open source platform to allow multiple operating systems to run concurrently on the same physical server.

Provider of service-Oriented management solutions Altiris made its software virtualization solution available to developers and programmers. The release of the SVS API, included within a new software development kit, and the release of Trinket to the open source community via will help IT organizations leverage the flexibility of SVS and further optimize application management.

Altiris said that the initiative to open up the software would help it drive its objective to establish SVS as the most widely used software virtualization technology in the world. The software development kit (SDK) from Altiris would help IT organization to leverage the flexibility of SVS and further optimize application management.

Dwain Kinghorn, Altiris CTO, said, "We've seen an explosion of unique uses and applications for Altiris Software Virtualization Solution technology. To encourage innovation we have given the IT and developer communities the tools and code they need to create the next killer software virtualization application. Altiris open, standards-based technology allows us to provide this type of flexibility to the user community. The Trinket open source project is a good example of what is possible."

The SVS SDK provides the same APIs used by the Altiris SVS development team and LordJeb Software. The SVS SDK also contains C header files, a lib file, documentation and sample code.

SVS Trinket allows users to control virtualized software from a system of tray icon. The trinket user interface provides SVS users with a simple self-services tool for basic management of virtual applications including reset, activation, deactivation, and delete.

IBM also announced an extensive portfolio of middleware and systems of platforms to support Novell’s new Suse Linux Enterprise 10 offerings, which incorporates the open source Xen virtualisation software. Xen is an open source virtualization software that allows multiple operating systems to run concurrently on the same physical server, allowing customers to consolidate their current workloads onto a single server.

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Published Monday, August 28, 2006 1:18 PM by David Marshall
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