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Linux VServer Project completes new release

The Linux VServer Project has completed a new stable version of its kernel patches. The project took the opportunity to combine its announcement of the new Version 2.0.2 -- the first release declared to be stable after some eight months of effort -- with a Wiki-based redesign of its website. The list of changes in the ChangeLog is long: Thus the software now supports bind mount extensions and is aware of priorities when it comes to the input/output activities of guest systems.

The Linux VServer Project, which already appeared in Version 1.0 in 2003, is considered one of the up-to-date virtualization solutions for the Linux kernel. Unlike Virtuozzo and its free offshoot OpenVZ, which basically work along the same lines, the Linux VServer Project can be used with a multitude of architectures, i.e. is not restricted to x86 and IA64 systems. Whereas Parallels and VMware or Xen execute several kernel instances, the VServer Project virtualizes the kernel itself; all virtual systems hence run under one and the same kernel.

Linux VServer-suitable kernels can be found in both the Debian Repositories and in those of Fedora. In general, however, almost any other Linux environment, the application software that comprises a Suse installation, say, can be run under Linux VServer. The functioning principles of Linux VServer resemble those of chroot environments and BSD jails. However, more effort is put into, for instance, keeping task lists and the IDs of system instances separate.

Thanks to Heise Online for the news.

Published Wednesday, September 06, 2006 9:36 AM by David Marshall
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