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Proofpoint Introduces Enterprise-Class Virtual Appliance for Messaging Security

Proofpoint, Inc., the leader in large-enterprise messaging security solutions, today introduced
its breakthrough enterprise-class virtual appliance for messaging security, the Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway(TM) Virtual Edition. The Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway Virtual Edition offers all of the same anti-spam, anti-virus, data privacy and intellectual property leak prevention features found in Proofpoint's physical appliances in an
easy-to-deploy virtual appliance for VMware's virtualization products.

With the introduction of its virtual appliance, Proofpoint brings the benefits of server virtualization to the enterprise messaging security market. Proofpoint's hardware appliances are well known for their zero-overhead administration, ease-of-management, high performance and extensive security features. Proofpoint's virtual appliance offers the same
functionality and benefits as its hardware counterpart, combined with the many benefits of virtualization -- including cost savings, rapid deployment and provisioning, simplified change management and easy backup and disaster recovery.

"As more and more large enterprises realize the benefits of server virtualization -- including lower costs, increased IT efficiency and improved resource utilization -- they are looking to further leverage these savings by moving mission critical applications to a virtual environment,"
said Gary Steele, CEO of Proofpoint, Inc. "Email security is a prime candidate for virtualization and Proofpoint's new virtual appliance provides the world's first enterprise-class messaging security solution for virtual servers. As the virtualization market matures, Proofpoint intends to introduce versions of its virtual appliance for additional virtualization environments."

"We are pleased with the increasing momentum around virtual appliances and are excited that Proofpoint will be offering its Messaging Security Gateway product as a VMware virtual appliance," said Srinivas Krishnamurti, director of product management, VMware. "By easily deploying Proofpoint's virtual appliance on VMware Infrastructure, customers can leverage
enterprise-class features such as built-in automatic load balancing and failover support."

Virtual Appliance Benefits Both Production and Lab Deployments 

The Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway Virtual Edition is ideal for enterprises that have adopted or are moving to the VMware environment. All of the benefits of virtualization can be realized with Proofpoint's virtual appliance including:

 -- Cost savings related to infrastructure simplification: Reduced hardware, power, cooling and space requirements.
-- Reliability, backup and disaster recovery: Snapshots of an entire environment can be easily taken and restored at any time leveraging  VMware infrastructure management tools.
-- Deployment and scalability: New virtual servers can be rapidly deployed on existing hardware. Proofpoint's optimal horizontal scalability architecture allows new virtual appliances to be provisioned in minutes to address changing email requirements. Any number of virtual agent appliances can be deployed at zero incremental cost.
-- Change management: New versions and configuration changes can be tested in a zero-risk environment using a snapshot of the production environment.

"The Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway Virtual Edition offers dvantages to both new and current Proofpoint customers," said Andres Kohn, vice president of product management for Proofpoint. "Customers with VMware environments can now rapidly deploy Proofpoint's best-in-class messaging security functionality with a minimum of effort and expense. Current
customers of our software and hardware appliance versions can use the virtual appliance in their lab environments as a safe and cost-effective way to try new product versions, test configuration changes and evaluate different server configurations."

Existing customers of Proofpoint software (the Proofpoint Protection Server(R)) and hardware appliances (the Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway) can deploy the Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway Virtual Edition in lab or test environments free of charge. New virtual test environments can be quickly brought up or taken down on an as-needed basis.

Comprehensive Protection for Inbound and Outbound Message Streams
Like Proofpoint's hardware appliances, the Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway Virtual Edition provides the industry's most comprehensive defense against all forms of message-borne threats including spam, viruses, intellectual property leakage and breaches of customer and employee data. Proofpoint's modular architecture lets customers easily deploy new inbound or outbound email defenses as their needs change. Currently available
protection modules include:
    -- Proofpoint Spam Detection(TM) offers complete defense against spam, adult content and phishing attacks. Proofpoint MLX machine learning technology delivers unrivalled accuracy with the lowest rate of false positives.
    -- Proofpoint Virus Protection(TM) defends against all types of email-borne viruses, worms and trojans, powered by the world's leading anti-virus engines.
    -- Proofpoint Zero-Hour Anti-Virus(TM) protects against emerging viruses in the earliest stages of their proliferation on the internet - hours before competing solutions even begin to react. 

   -- Proofpoint Content Compliance(TM) enables the easy definition and enforcement of acceptable use policies for message content and attachments across the entire enterprise.
    -- Proofpoint Digital Asset Security(TM) keeps valuable intellectual property and confidential information from leaking outside the organization via email.
    -- Proofpoint Regulatory Compliance(TM) protects private data and helps organizations comply with a wide variety of data protection and privacy regulations including HIPAA and GLBA.
    -- Proofpoint Secure Messaging(TM) adds powerful, policy-based encryption      capabilities to any Proofpoint deployment, making secure communication just as easy as traditional, non-encrypted messaging.

    Fast and Easy Evaluation for Any Organization
In addition to enabling the rapid deployment of Proofpoint's messaging security features in VMware production and testing environments, the Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway Virtual Edition also provides a fast, easy and risk-free way for organizations to evaluate the Proofpoint appliance. A downloadable trial version of the Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway Virtual Edition can be installed and run on any x86 desktop or server hardware using the free VMware Server.

"Our virtual appliance makes it easy for evaluators to get the full Proofpoint appliance experience, without having to request and install a physical appliance and without any installation or configuration hassles," said Kohn.

    System Requirements, Pricing and Availability
    The Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway Virtual Edition is a fully pre-installed and pre-configured enterprise messaging security application, message transfer agent and secure operating environment that runs on any standard x86 desktop or server using VMware Player, VMware Workstation, VMware Server or VMware Infrastructure.

    A beta version of the Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway Virtual Edition is available now to registered beta testers. Interested evaluators can register for access to the free, downloadable beta version by visiting:
    Both full and trial versions of Proofpoint's virtual appliance will be made generally available in Q4 2006.
    The Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway Virtual Edition features a virtualization-friendly pricing model that charges a per-module, annual license fee based on the number of mailboxes protected. Proofpoint modules for anti-spam, anti-virus, content security and secure messaging are priced separately and support and maintenance are included in the cost of annual license fees. Any number of virtual appliance instances can be deployed for
redundancy and scalability without penalty.
    Pricing for a sample configuration that includes a one-year license of the Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway Virtual Edition equipped with Proofpoint Spam Detection, Proofpoint Virus Protection, Proofpoint Zero-Hour Anti Virus and Proofpoint Content Compliance modules for 250 users is just under $10,000.

Published Tuesday, September 12, 2006 7:11 AM by David Marshall
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